Monday, 31 March 2008

Neck Ruffles, my latest addiction

I know Roisin Murphy may be wearing hers on her head rather than round her neck, I probably wouldn't do that. However, after popping in to my local fave shop No-One (more about this shop later) it's across the road from my house (nearly) so it's pretty impossible to avoid a wander in of a Sunday afternoon.

I spotted Roisin's said neck ruffle (probably the one she wore in fact, as the stylist name checks the shop on her blog) ANYWAY, it's by KaPow Wow and I'm in love with it...they have ones of varying sizes starting at £25, as far as I can see there is no website for the brand.

The neck ruffle is an investment that's a bit silly but one I am going to make. Foolish but fun.

fun for the evening

Monday, 24 March 2008

GIles for New Look

I do love Giles but cannot help but feel a little disappointment towards the brand new Gold range for New Look which hit the shelves last Thursday. It's not very daring and a bit too pink for my liking. Favourite piece has to be the pink dress, which is going on eBay for a starting price of £90.

Teamed with the pink sunglasses Agyness wears in the ad it looks pretty hot, only for the straight down and up girls I feel. At £60 you would just stretch to bagging yourself one.

I loved the first collection which saw the black and orange wedges and dress combo - still see fashionable people out wearing them both now (not necessarily together). However, can't help feeling that there is less longevity in his new range.

Bank Holiday Monday fun

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Ipso Facto

Your (my) new style crush

Headband city

Still addicted to Gossip GIrl ps...

Blair's headbands are going to be setting a trend in the next coming weeks and I for one have been getting on board early, so excited when my friend brought me a Marc Jacobs headband from LA, it doesn't hurt and looks ace. I suggest you invest

Check out the rather fetching promo shot below:

the results

Power plate was great, basically you are given set exercises to do, each only lasting one minute - when your doing some of them a minute really seems like a lifetime.

Your 'workout' lasts £25 minutes - and it doesn't come cheap as you end up paying a pound per minute for your session. However, a 25 minute workout is equivalent to an hour and a half in the gym and according to our trainer here are some of the benefits:

Your stomach happens first - within two sessions, according to weight fitness etc you are supposed to find that your tummy muscles feel tighter and look it too.

Within four weeks you can drop a dress size - that's if you are doing 2-3 sessions a week.

It massages your cellulite, encouraging it to breakdown

You don't sweat so you can go in your lunchbreak, whip you shoes off and do your workout, returning to work energised and exercised.

So that all sounds pretty good and now I am saving to do it for a month in May before attending a wedding with a terrifying post wedding pool party brunch. However, i cant help feeling that once ive done a course I will either get addicted or be persuaded that one course isn't enough, hmm.

Another thing I am doing is consulting the Vogue Body & Beauty Book which has been an ornament in my front room for far too long, some of the advice is a bit archaic (it was written in the 1970's) and the stretches are killer...

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Power to the people

You probably don't want to know about what I am doing after work, but as it's a bit of an experiment I will let you know and report back tomorrow too.

Tonight I am going to Power Plate, it takes 25 mins and is supposed to be great exercise and good for inner peace or something, these are the apparent benefits lifted straight from the website:

Shorter training time for visible results
Increased core strength and muscle definition
Intense stimulation and increase of neurological system and metabolic rate
Improved flexibility
Increased blood circulation and improved skin tone
Decrease in Cortisol levels (stress hormones)
Increased bone mineral density
Increased levels of key hormones - Testosterone, Human Growth Hormone, IGF-I and Serotonin
Massage therapy
Increase in balance and coordination
Aids the reduction of pain

So here goes nothing, all I brought with me was a baggy t-shirt saying Steak (official merch for the Ed Banger compilation) this is not me being painfully cool or ironic - weight loss and steak not being synonymous and all - its just that the rest of my clothes are in a pile on the floor.

Anyway, I'll let you know if i have a decrease in cortisol levels tomorrow

p.s. I'm going for a burger afterwards...not sure if that will help.

Hello Sailor...

This A.P.C sailor dress is simply divine, I've heard a whisper that Maison Berteaux might have some, if it inspires the same reaction as I receive wearing my APC coat then you will have ladies running up to in the street asking where it's from.

Kap Bambino getting us in a spin

I have been spreading info about this via the medium of word by mouth so I reckon it's about time I previewed it properly...

The simply ace Kap Bambino will be playing tomorrow night *FRIDAY* at the Macbeth, 70 Hoxton Street (nearest tube Old Street), at Delete Yourself, which is probably the only place to be tomorrow - unless you are off to Fabric to see Buraka Som Sistema, which will also be a winner.

If you need convincing any more then check out the below video from the Matt Irwin's photo exhibition hosted by Dazed & punkers doing Gabba...or something

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Ode to the bow tie

I'm pretty much obsessed with getting myself a bow tie...I think these pictures sum up why it's the best idea in the world....

Piccys from The Facehunter and The Vagabond Set

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

HeartsRevolution / Kate Moross - Stop the world, I want to get off

You are going to be hearing loads more about Hearts Revolution in the near future, for anyone who picked up the Crystal Castles split 7" you will already have a version of the track Choose Your Own Revolution. New York noiseniks HeartsRevolution hadthe wonderful Kate Moross mixing live visuals during their show at SxSW - oh how I missed not being in Austin this year, nachos, frozen margaritas and games in Buffalo Billiards would have been amazing - alas I wander off point.

You should check them out - pretty amazing, if you love Crystal Castles you will love Hearts Revlution - see you at the Old Blue Last for the show on 11 April? Yes please.

Pics from

Facehunter hits the bullseye

I cannot describe how much I love this look, super excited to find out the bag is from H & M

I reckon i still prefer last year's red Moschino beauty however (the bag, not the winehouse)

Issue @ Electricity Showrooms

Issue is a brand new clubnight in East London hosted by Scottee (a performance artist) and Jodie Harsh, taking place one Sunday a month at the Electricity Showrooms on Hoxton Street. Could this be the new BoomBox?

Rules are that girls cannot wear flats (else they won't get in see) and New Era hats on boys are banished. The whole point of the night is to create a magazine during the night so you will find people being snapped and styled in one corner and revellers dancing in the next...

Monday, 17 March 2008

Kelly's dress

Kelly Osbourne was wearing this stunning dress on the latest episode of Project Catwalk, I am desperate to find out where it is from, any ideas??

Also, Ross being kicked out and Viv still being in the running is ridiculous..insert rant about housewives choice staying in while true talent is out blah...

Luella does charity

Look at lovely Irina in her Luella charity tee, Luella has created a one off charity t-shirt for the environmental justice foundation.

EJF provides film and advocacy training to individuals and grassroots organisations in the global south, enabling them to document, expose and create long term solutions to environmental abuses. Campaigning internationally to raise awareness of the issues our grassroots partners are working to solve locally.

EJF's t-shirts are ethically made with 100% organic cotton and Soil Association-certified printing. The cotton is guaranteed by the producer not to come from Uzbekistan. All proceeds go to support EJF's work.

You can by them from here for £30 plus £5 postage this space for more news on Luella's charity tees for Tonic, similarly illustrated

Durrr tonight

Put your make up on while watching Skins, then dance your socks off at Durrr!

best online vintage shop?

Here's the blurb behind the fantastic online shop UrbanCollective "created in 1997, where vintage & modern mix, one of a kind, designer, chic. Our mission: inspire beauty."

The prices are reasonable and the sizing is great. I keep seeing clothes that my friends would look great in, beware of this site, it's highly addictive.

Friday, 14 March 2008

Eley Kishimoto friends & family evening

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Eley Kishimoto friends and family evening, thanks to the lovely Chloe. Having previously ordered some of the SS08 collection back in September it was finally time to pick it up and have a rummage around looking for some extra bits too.

My friend Katie and I wandered into the Brixton studio, not really knowing what to expect and found the most relaxed room full of lovely people.

So what did I buy? Below you can see that I have made a small collage of my purchases, missing out some ace socks that I bought for my boyfriend.

From l-r:
Black and white flash converse - I could not find a piccy of these on the internet anywhere but now I have some, so comfortable, I sense these are a pair of trainers I might be living in at the weekends.
Turquoise print shirt - I am wearing it today hence the shot of it being worn, lovely detailling on this, including belt loops that you can unbutton and move to a higher button to get a different and more runched effect. The print is simply to dye for (couldn't resist).
Woodland print bag - great tan leather straps on what my bf described as his favourite bag from my collection...crikey.
Finally, such a bad photo of the dress of amazingness - look at that print, rarrrr. I will put another shot up when I have it on!

I was given a guided tour of the studio, a real eye opening experience for someone whose knowledge of printing/design isv limited.

Highlight of the night - seeing a small child running around in an even smaller pair of black and white flash Converse.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Lou Hayter - The New Sins

On first hearing The New Sins track 'It Doesn't Work Like That' i was underwhelmed, to say the least, I don't know why because looking back on it the song is amazing NME says it sounds like "Sophie Ellis Bextor fronting a low-key LCD Soundsytem."

Lou Hayter looks great on stage, her dresses are often made by Nova Dando...Nova also styled the video for It Doesn't Work Like That - the feather dress has made a few appearances now..

Buraka Som Sistema featuring MIA

This song is completely addictive, one listen and you are hooked:

BSS are playing a number of live dates in London in the coming week:

Wednesday 19th March @ Hoxton Bar & Grill
Thursday 20th March @ Yo Yo (DJ/MC)
Friday 21 March @ Fabric

See you at Hoxton Bar & Grill...

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Friday night fun

Who doesn't love Metronomy? Only a crazy person surely! If you met Kate Bones - the other half of Sauce Boss? Her what's not in Metronomy like, then you would love her too.

What more reason do you need to go to the Lock Tavern on a Friday? If you get there a bit early you could even get a roast before you go in! I highly recommend the super strong Brothers cider - just don't drink more than four

Smash & Grab tomorrow

Johnny Woo will teach you how to Vogue plussssss/////

**Secret stealer***....Mark Ronson is djing at Smash n Grab at Punk tomorrow

Any club with 'How Will I Know' by Whitney Houston on the myspace is a winner in my eyes, plus the luscious Ronson, raaa.

Polo Confidence - fave advert

I know it's weird posting an advert here but I love it so much that i wanted to share it, I am a bit obsessed with dogs too

Collaboration number...I've lost count

PPQ (yes, I'm officially obsessed) have collaborated with Ben Sherman to create a v v v v limited edition range of dresses.

There are five dresses and they generally take the form of one 60's shift, one 90s inspired Britpop dress, a 70s rock frock and an 80s ska frock as well as some modern lace high necked mini dresses. This is in keeping with Be Sherman's 5 decades of Ben Sherman

Now for the bad news - they will still cost £180 and there are only 175 dresses available WORLDWIDE.

Plus i cant find any pictures...soon I promise

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Casiotone for the painfully alone

"Woke up with fingers crossed
In a boy's bed with your pants off
After polite declines of coffee and toast
Walked home itching in last night's clothes"

'New Year's Kiss'- Casiotone for the Painfully Alone

My new favourite artist, cftpa has been around for ages. With two albums under his belt and a new EP coming out soon he is in the UK at the moment and will be playing at The Luminaire on 1st April.

Anyone whose biog reads like this after two albums:

Owen Ashworth currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. He is 30.

Is amazing.

Go seek tunage

Seriously Destitute

Yes this is Veruca Salt - pretty good dress, huh?

Why is it that my phone bill and rent all go out in the middle of the month, leaving me with absolutely zero cash and making me raid my Christmas money that was being saved for a sofa in order to buy food?

There are some rather special designer buying nights happening this week and I haven't bought any clothes for weeks. Hence the Veruca moment.

Normal blogging will resume post rant, in the meantime, check out a lovely PPQ outfit below:

Monday, 10 March 2008

Girlcore do B - Movies

This looks great, taking place at the lush Whitechapel Art Gallery, it's certainly worth a peep

Girls in geeky glasses pt. II

Told you so...

East London girls show off their geeky glasses at Trailer Trash which takes place at On The Rocks on Kingsland Road...and a very fine selection of specs they have too!

Photos from

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Monday in London

Lucy & the Caterpillar is supporting Josh Weller on Monday night, Cibelle will be dj-ing and Ed & Jenny from The Mules will also be supporting at The Macbeth on Hoxton Street

Friday, 7 March 2008

Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony

You cannot fail to pick up a fashion magazine without reading about Chloe Sevigny's fashion line for Opening Ceremony, which you can buy at Dover Street Market. Cover of Elle - she is the new style advisor for the magazine, which seems a bit pointless, oh well she did create the trend for the white RayBan which spread like wildfire this summer.

I find it strange that she is advertising the range naked, hmmm, anyway, this is no way a Sevigny bashing post as I do think she is ace.

I quite like this:

...but can't help noticing that I prefer PPQ for's collection which has a similar jacket...

New Late of the Pier video

It's the lovely Saam again - LotP you are really spoiling us

...and tomorrow, if you still want to party

Oooh Ladyhawke, Primary 1, YUM

Where to go tonight - Londoners unite

I have been ill with alcohol poisoning and hurt my knee as a result, but who could miss such an ace night? Where else could you see those of Hercules and Love Affair fame djing?

See you down the front....

I'll be sporting a PPQ red bow

Topshop the best bits

The best bits from the Topshop website at the moment, ooh I love a good cut and paste

Effortless Cool

I love this photo, her belt makes the outfit.

photo from the sartorialist

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Galibardy Jewellery

I love Galibardy jewellery, I first saw it written about in Elle and bought a gorgeous black tiger necklace for £15 when they were selling in Spitalfields market, you should check out the collection here

Lovefoxxx takes a bow

I adore Lovefoxxx's detachable bow accessory from the NME show last week