Monday, 26 July 2010

Marks and WOWSERS

My sis just sent me a link to the Autumn Winter collection from Marks & Spencer with the subject 'Oh god', having squealed on opening the email, I came to two conclusions, one we're a pretty dramz pair and two the new collection from Marks & Spencer is stunning,

Shearling jacket? Check! Bit of goth? Totes! Leather military? Of course.

Having bought some Marni inspired shoes from M&S recently, no really, I for one cant wait to do a trolley dash. Check out the IStyle website for more details of stock dates and just for a good old perv.

Friday, 23 July 2010

The Guardian discuss comfy footwear

Today's Guardian investigates the new uber cool NYC trend...the comfy shoe. HOLD THE PHONE.

Shoe trends are predictable in their randomness. While the general tide of footwear fashion flows in one direction, there will always be one rebel shoe that heroically bucks the trend. It can be hard to predict what the style will be, but the unwritten rule is that it must be defiantly ugly and practical.

Right now, the Worishofer is that shoe. An orthopaedic demi-wedge with a cork sole born 70 years ago in the Bavarian spa town of Bad W├Ârishofen, it is currently enjoying popularity in the trendier enclaves of downtown Manhattan.

So are these about to take the baton from the UGG (gross) and the BIrkenstock (smelly) for the latest comfy IT shoe? I'd totally rock them.

The bad news? They arent available in the UK as yet, the good news? Chloe Sevigny and Maggie Gyllenhaal have worn them so there will be copies on the high street in...oh, a month?

Marc Jacobs Fragrance Launch: BANG

I love the piccies from last night's MJ frangrance launch for BANG his new perfume. Even the ice cubes said BANG - such a cool touch.

Should we be looking out for newbie Eliza Doolitle who looks pretty cool in her cut off tights?

Pics below from InStyle

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Awesome birthday presents part two

The crew bought me some Alexander Wang sunglasses I KNOW, mental and amazing

A bit obsessed...Sleigh Bells

My friend Franny introduced me to an NY band called Sleigh Bells a few months back, since then I havent had the album Treatz out of my ears. The Guardian describe them as the "Kylie and Jason of extreme noise terror" (amaze). Part riot grrrl part noise band the duo are playing the Lexington soon, alas its sold out so if anyone wants to sneak me in via their trenchcoat i'll gladly oblige.

Oh and the girl looks pretty ace right? Check out an interview they did with Dazed Digital

They make me want to go to New York (and get tattoos).

I'm back!

Yep you heard, I lent my computer to a friend for three months but now its back! I did have a minor heart attack when it wouldnt switch on earlier but all's good in the hood.

It was my birthday on Monday and I was totally spoilt as usual (yesss), finally got my hands on - or got on my hand - a Dominic Jones ring, now I understand those programmes on Channel 5 about being in love with inanimate objects, probably not going to touch in inappropriately though. Its the one on the bottom fyi.

I also might have bought myself this delish Acne denim jacket from the sample sale a few weeks back SWOON

oh and some more Acne bits from the Libertys and Matches sales respectively, no wonder I'm broke

Like I said, inanimate object love