Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Tight fit

Chic feed has made me even more obsessed with Lookboo.nu than ever before, these tights have caught my eye and would you believe that they are from River Island! I know.

9.99 from the River Island website, you can get them here

River Island have a fantastic range of hosiery, not only do they stock the House of Holland Pretty Polly ranges but also their own innovative designs.

It's taken quite some time for the Rihanna / Lily Allen suspenders on show (fake or otherwise) to hit the high street...

In other tights news, the Daily Mail have reported that the Cheryl Cole effect has sent sales of luxury tights soaring after she wore £32 Wolford Bondage tights in her latest video for Promise This.

I dont think i'll be shelling out for them personally

Thursday, 23 September 2010

New favourite iphone app...Chic Feed

I've just activated my iphone4 (finally) and gots myself a whole new set of apps - yes some are calorie counters and booze intake counters (essentials!) but my favourite is Chic Feed, which takes pics from Lookbook.nu, FaceHunter, Jak and Jill, Cherry Blossom Girl and altamira and creates a photo feed.

To download the app go here

There is also a blog version here

Lara Stone on the cover of French Vogue

The Stone's beauty knows no bounds

New In from A Wear

I'm a bit in love with this grey tulip dress - £45

H&M Online store....

It seems to have taken ages for H&M to launch an online store, its probably one of H&Ms best ideas as many of their shops are over crowded and don't showcase the products as well as they could.

Do you think the H&M x Lanvin collection will be online? It will be interesting to see how they deal with that - similar to Kate Moss for Topshop probably, which means waking up at the crack of dawn to log on.

Here's H&M's teaser video for the H&M x Lanvin collection, I'm really excited to see how this evolves.

Bleach London - opening tomorrow

Bleach London, a brand new hair salon collective is opening at WAH Nails tomorrow (Friday 24th September) run by Alex Brownsell who has been hearalded by LOVE Magazine as 'London’s premier crazy colour expert’. She has taken her HeartBreak Hair salon from her flat and out to the streets of Dalston.

Colours available include; Swampy, Blue Lagoon, White Knuckle, Cheeky Vimto, De ja Blue and Berocca Rinse, tells you that this is something that stands out against anything as boring as Blonde, and Brunette.

The time has come for HeartBreak Hair to move on. Two new(ish) proper hairdressing chairs have been installed in the back of Dalston’s finest salon, WAH. Posters will adorn the walls and you’ll walk out the door with a decent hair cut and a proper (well) colour, instead of having a tigers worth of cat hair on your clothes and a broken spine from leaning over the bath.

Colour from £50, cuts from £45, the hair colour menu is below, you can check out the website here