Monday, 27 April 2009

McQueen LImited Edition Scarf

This is the fab Alexander McQueen limited edition scarf designed exclusively for HOME, an environmental film. You may notice that this features a manipulated photographic representation of the dying earth morphed into a skull.

Some blurb...
HOME will be launched on EARTH DAY (5th June) on all media at the same time as an invitation to discover the wealth and diversity of our planet and raise awareness on social issues and climate changes. It has been made and directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and co-produced by PPR and Luc Besson.

The 200 scarves will be available exclusively at Alexander McQueen stores ( London/ Milan/ NewYork/ LasVegas/ Los Angeles) from June 2009.

Profits will be donated to

Friday, 24 April 2009

Converse Journey

I popped along to the Converse party last night at the South Molton Music Rooms, had a few drinks and saw a few familiar faces. The drinks measures were so huge that I OD'd on Vodka Cranberry within about two minutes (my bad for being greedy and getting two drinks at a time...ahem)

The party was to publicise the launch of their brand new music concept 'Journey' in which they film a band trying to make it in the music industry - the band they have signed up are the Sean McCluskey managed Lion Club.

The first Journey video is below:

journey episode 1 from Orange Dot on Vimeo.

I like the concept, not so sure about the quality of the video - I get that they are playing on the DIY element of the project. It will be interesting to see what happens with Journey and Lion Club. Converse sponsor Field Day and Underage Festival so thye will no doubt playing there, or you can check out their progress at

Thursday, 23 April 2009

New Christian Joy collection

I still wear my Christian Joy dress, despite the fact that it seems to have shrunk (I may have 'grown' a bit). For those not in the know, CJ teamed up with the brilliant Karen O to create her onstage garmentsfrom way back when the YYY's were starting out.

A couple of years ago Christian Joy did a line for Topshop creating smock dresses adorned with fluoro shapes - boats, donkey heads that kind of thing.

He's back with his Spring 2009 and luckily it does not disappoint. I heard a rumour that Kokon To Zai in London stocked his collections but am yet to prove this.

Check it out below, I need it all.

Can I look like you please?

Picture from the Sartorialist

Something for Bank Holiday Weekend?

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


I counted two S.C.U.M t shirts in this month's i-D magazine, for anyone who is unversed in the joys of S.C.U.M here is their video for latest single Signal (1) Wasaw - maybe give it a miss if you have epilepsy mind.

S.C.U.M SIGNAL (1) 'WARSAW' from S.C.U.M on Vimeo.

...and here is the blurb...yep, that's Sam Kilcoyne of Underage Festival fame on Moog

Announcing a series of exclusive digital download tracks by S.C.U.M, location specific works created and recorded in cities across Europe.

As S.C.U.M travel across Europe performing shows they create new music in
new environments, a body of new works called SIGNALS.

Taking studio time in each city they visit, S.C.U.M are recording new works
specific to each location. These new tracks will be released as digital downloads, SIGNALS from around the globe. Each SIGNAL will be available for a limited time period. Building into a body of work documenting their sonic journey. Each SIGNAL will act as an audio visual scrapbook of the bands travels and musical progression.

SIGNALS are rapid fire experimentation in sound and visual information, immediate access to the creative output of a band / bypassing all time consuming process / a fluid connection / a conversation / a discourse /allowing whiteness to the construction of ideas as they happen.

The first S.C.U.M. SIGNAL is entitled ‘WARSAW’ on the 27th of April 2009. The Track was recorded in November last year at the Kosmos studios in Warsaw and mixed in London by Gareth Jones.

S.C.U.M. are : Thomas Vain (vocal), Bradley Baker (machines),
Samuel Kilcoyne (moog), Melissa Rigby (drums) and Huw Webb (Bass).

Selling out

The credit crunch has hit fashion bloggers hard, probably because staying in time with trends is pretty tough. Two (immaculately dressed) fashion bloggers in particular are selling their old clothes on their blogs, check out the below for more info:

Sanna Sells Out - Sanna from The Vagabond Set

You can also check out the Queens from Kingdom of Style's Ye Kingdom Shoppe here

A Forca Da Rua -

A good friend of mine, Mr Terence Teh, is involved in the Forca Da Rua exhibition at The Print Space on London's Kingsland Road. I have just come back from the private view and was really impressed with what I saw.

Forca Da Rua - which translates to Force of the Streets - is an exhibition hosted by The Action for Brazil's Children's Trust and features 12 specially painted iconic GIbson guitars, which will be auctioned off next week (29th April) to raise money for the trust. There are also a selection of limited edition prints on display.The Gibson guitars on display have been designed by 12 of the most celebrated street artists from Brazil and the UK.

There are some great people behind this exhibition - Jimmy Page and his wife Jimena set up ABC (Action for Brazil's Children) charity, Dazed Digital are the media partners and Lorna Lavelle - celebrated film maker and sister of James Lavelle has created a film documenting the guy's trip to Brazil.

The private view was full of London's beautiful creative people and the show will be on between 23rd April and 12th May. I would recommend you go and check it out, too few people do such great things these days.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Trend forecast #1

You know when you want to do an Alexa but your friends recognise that you are doing an Alexa and find it humourous that you are such an obvious copycat? Well, if you get yourself one of these Barbour quilted jackets I reckon you can do an Alexa before she has even done it herself.

Put into normal English I predict these jackets are going to be huge this summer, replacing the winter wax jacket with a summer quilted is natural and uber cool.

I could only get hold of a picture in green from the lovely people at Barbour but I think blue is going to be even more on trend.

Details are below, thanks to the lovely press officers at Barbour for the images.

L175-Flyweight Utility Quilt Jacket-Olive
With its attractive diamond pattern and shape, this quilted jacket features plenty of pockets and is both a stylish and functional addition to the wardrobe. Machine Washable.
Colours Available: Olive, Stone, Black, Dark Brown
Sizes Available: 8-20
RRP: £109.00


I found this picture of the lovely Girlcore DJ Naomi and myself at the launch of the Queen of Hoxton last month. Black and white is so forgiving, not sure about the face I'm pulling though

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Lacroix Darling, Lacroix!

I love a good collaboration and everytime I walk past the Gola shop on Carnaby Street (twice a day in the week) I mean to blog bout this strange pairing. Why is it strange? I guess I think Lacroix = Absolutely Fabulous and cries of IT'S LACROIX! from Edina much to the chargrin of Saffy.

Here's what the man himself, Mr Christian Lacroix, has to say about the collection

"In a way, trainers are to the 21st century what shimmering ties and multicoloured vests were to the dandies of the 19th century - a distinctive sign, a personal signature. That is the perspective from which I prefer to view fashion, rather than that of uniformity. Given carte blanche by Gola, I took the opportunity, with much gratitude, to bring the modernity of a contemporary and popular brand together with the timeless baroque of an iconic design of our Couture House: the embroideries of a torero cape."

Ok, nice quote CL, what's more interesting is the return of yet another 90's fashion icon to the fashion stage, can we blame Super Super Magazine or lack of imagination from brands, or merely the fact that they were cool and edgy and that is sometimes all the kids need

Wanna see me (roller) disco?

In case you aren't going to pop along to Work It! tonight but are interested in going out for some fun then you should definitely check out the People Are Germs Roller Disco.

The girls behind People Are Germs won themselves a bursary from Smirnoff Night Vision after putting forward their proposal for a Roller Disco in the capital.

Expect candyfloss, balloons ad a general playground theme at tonight's party. Featuring Glimmers, Alexis Taylor, Trevor Jackson and Crispin Dior on the decks as well as Primary1 and Magistrates playing live.

Plus you dont have to skate if you want to, bonus!

Can you work it?

Dalston's best clubnight Work It! is celebrating it's one year anniversary tonight and it's going to be brilliant. It is mine and my friends plan to make it down to Work It! at Visions on Kingsland Road tonight, however, insider knowledge tells me that the queue is going to be obscene so I'll let you know how that goes!

My main reason for writing about Work It! is because anyone who goes will recognise that they are well and truly bringing back Moschino. I love this for a number of reasons but mainly because my Auntie used to have an early 90's Moschino handbag and belt - you know the ones with the moving gold letters - which I have never forgotten and instantly fell in love with. The Work It! djs share my love for Moschino and recently bagged this little wonder on eBay...

The punters at the club are impeccably dressed below are some of their Moschino wins:

Loving those jeans by the way.

I like to se that the boys are rocking it as well. Get fighting the cool kids of Dalston for a classic Moschino belt on eBay before the whole world gets involved.

Work It! is getting very popular these days and quite rightly so, I wonder how long it will last? Let's hope we get in tonight and I'll maybe even take some pictures of us doing a cheeky bogle.

All of these pictures come from the Work It! blog

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Ditto overkill?

I think maybe I'm bored of seeing Beth Ditto without hearing any new music, just me?

Win a Damien Hirst painting

I think the cost of my house insurance would be astronomical if I did win a Damien Hirst painting but what the hell, I'm going to enter this competition anyway.

Damien Hirst, the most successful British artist of his generation, is working with his friends the band The Hours: designing their record sleeves, art directing their videos and releasing their new album, See The Light, on his own specially-created label.

Great marketing strategy me thinks, as it sets the band apart from your average indie band. The Hours have had quite a bit of hype recently because of DH's involvement, good for them everyone needs a unique selling point, now has anyone heard one of their tracks?

The Observer Music Monthly is giving away one of 20 signed litho prints of the Damien Hirst artwork created especially for The Hours new album sleeve. To win get The Observer on Sunday 19 April and check out Observer Music Monthly in which they will reveal what you have to do to enter the competition to win the original artwork – valued at £125,000 – created by Damien himself. Everyone who registers will also get the chance to exclusively download the track These Days from The Hours' new album See The Light.

Worth a punt I reckon

Get outta here

Yes tenuous title I KNOW, however, this blog is celebrating the fact that is now live. You may remember Sunday Times Style reporting on the brand new project by those very fashionable and business savvy people behind and now, a few weeks later its finally live. It features this tres Lady Gaga swimming costume from Michael Kors.

So some questions from me that I then answer myself below:

Which designers do they have?
Loads actually with some such as McQ still pending (they are not highlighted links yet but promise to work soon). Designers I have spied include Vivienne Westwood, V W Red Label and Anglomania, Luella, Marc by Marc Jacobs, See by Chloe, Bally, Burberry and Rick Owens.

Is that all the site has to offer?
Not really, they offer a 'Dress Me' section where you can choose from looks such as 'City Break', fashion trends, social events, chic essentials, wear this forever and working wardrobe. They also have flash sales which last 72 hours.

Ok so that was two questions but whatevs, but a little fact for you all is that Luella has all sold out already and it only went up this morning, so if you see something you like, go forth and purchase.

Vivienne Westwood orb necklace

See by Chloe dress

Luella sunglasses

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Peaches New Vid

HRNK what a killer track and amazing video from these very talented people...

Directed by Price James
Styling by Nova Dando
Art Department by Ashley Dando
Wigs and Hair by Charlie Le Mindu
Make-Up by Viktor

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Curvy is back...right?

As anyone who reads this blog will be aware I am an avid fan of Sunday Times Style, I read it every week, its almost a 'thing' and I hate admitting having 'a thing'. Today's cover story is all about the return of curves, now, according to the supplement bible thin is so not in.

This is great news seeing as its Easter and we are all gorging ourselves on Cadburys Creme Eggs, Easter cake and anything we can get our hands on that is remotely chocolatey. Only yesterday the papers were proclaiming that due to the credit crunch this Easter we will binge on more chocolate than ever. So yep, perfect, lets get fat and be fashionable, right? Wrong. According to STS 'You need a small waist and a flat stomach to contrast with those fuller hips. A pair of nice arms, good ankles and a well defined clavicle make all the difference.' Remind me to tell my body this.

The thing is, I don't quite belief it myself, see Mad Men star Christina Hendricks is supposed to be the poster girl for the new curvy revolution and yet we all know that modern clothes aren't half as flattering on her as 50's styles. Plus, we're all supposed to lust over January Jones (Betty Draper) and do we ever really sympathise with Joan (Christina), negative.

I love Daisy Lowe's figure, according to the fashion press (and some snipey front rowers) she doesn't have a model physique yet I would rather look like her than Agyness Deyn. She is my ideal figure, curvy yet still slim. Given Daisy or Christina I'd take Daisy anyday but equally over any size zero models.

I don't believe that curvy is quite as cool now as STS would have you believe, have you seen the new girls on 90210? They look pre pubescent and yep, pretty hot. Whilst perception should change and STS are bold for kick starting this, it hasn't quite yet, the sheer fact that Style had to list the designers who make bigger sizes is a case in point, no?

I admire the fact that STS is proclaiming that skinny is no longer sexy but lets not get ahead of ourselves here, you are not going to see many bigger models gracing the catwalks soon. Why? Because fashion is about the unobtainable, in a way, lots of the models are 14 years old and size minus 2, many of the clothes are massively expensive and you are never going to own the whole collection. Fashion is aspirational and skinny is still the ultimate goal because this figure is sample size and the size that most collections are designed to look best on.

Beatrice Boyle t shirts

Beatrice Boyle is the rock and roll girls nbf, Susie Bubble described her paintings as 'make up ruined, post partied girls' and now in a brand new collaboration with Browns Fashion you can buy Beatrice Boyle t shirts.

Beatrice is a 23 year old St Martins Fine Art graduate whose t shirts are described by Browns as 'fashionably anti fashion T shirts and dresses.

Prices range between £45 - £65 and the blonde guy, Carson, is Gareth Pugh's other half apparently


My Mum had lots of Biba clothes and make up when she was younger, I still have an amazing selection of lipsticks that she has kept from the 60s (she has an amazing wardrobe but is smaller than me, boo) You may remeber that Biba brought out another collection recently but it was hugely overpriced and the quality was less than brilliant. The brand went into administration pretty soon after that and the founder has been creating wallpaper and jewellery for the V&A in the interim. Its time to give the brand another try as the founder Barbara Hulanicki is creating a capsule collection for Topshop Unique.

Catwalk Queen
describe the range as floaty and feminine and you can see some of the clothes above, frpom the looks of things the range is perfect for the skinny sixties figure - if you have one.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

...and now for something completely different

Jack Penate is back, yessss. I love his amazing leggy dance moves and this new song? 100% brilliant, video is a bit sexytime, just in case you're in an office

Fashion music video ALERT

The brand new music video for No You Girls by Franz Ferdinand is pretty fash tastic, cue models, wacky headgear, formation dancing and surprise paint explosions.

I don't really like FF but this video is pretty good, yes it plays on models being a 'blank canvas' and turns the concept of a fashion show on its head by giving the girls cameras to film the band. Its directed by NLYM fave Nima, I like...

The return of the icon...

Its about time music reclaimed its fashion heroes, sure we've had the likes of Ipso Facto and The Horrors inadvertently styling the way music fans have dressed but these are people I see in the local shop and in dive bars in East London. For that reason these young super cool bands can lose their cool factor pretty quickly, most notably when you find out they get drunk like you and queue to get into the same parties. Which is why I am ecstatic at the return of the super icons, namely Karen O and Peaches, both of whom are back with new albums and equally amazing outfits.

I saw this recently on a pro Peaches blog....not leggy or energetic so I didn't apply!

the PEACHES is wanting you to appear in her next video.
she (well the director) is wanting fun, energetic, leggy, party girls to feature in the PEACHES new vid.
the do will take place this Sunday 15th March between 2:30pm - 5:00pm at Studio 2B, Enterprise House, Tudor Grove (LONDON).
female if you’re interested.

Peaches will also be playing the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank (London) this Friday, how ironic watching Peaches on Good Friday, girl is nothing but bad!

...I walked past Karen O in Soho the other day and to be honest she never fails to fill me with fan love whenever I see her (by that read slightly stalker tendencies!) The new album It's Blitz is brilliant, Zero is an obvious single with the track Hysteric killing me every time with the heart rendering lyrics.

Ladies of rock n roll, its been a long time, welcome back