Wednesday, 30 July 2008

The perfect summer outfit??

I am obsessed with sailor tops and dresses and this girl pulls the look off perfectly

photo from FaceHunter

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

...this is why I am having Friday off

How could I forget Girlcore in my London night's out post??? It was super late at night when I wrote it...

Monday, 28 July 2008

LDN = Party city

As you may know, I'm a London dweller and pretty much love the city. Yes I do miss hearing birdsong and not having to spend at least £10 as soon as you walk out of the door in the morning but at the moment I wouldn't have it any other way.

Some of the best parties happen in London, they are often much hyped, sporadic affairs, which makes them all the better. Some say that London nightlife died when Boombox ended, luckily for them Boombox/Ponystep founder Richard Mortimer now hosts a monthly Ponystep night at Hoxton Bar & Grill from which the photo above is taken. With the night documented by and Dirty Dirty Dancing it always feels a bit like you missed the best party in the world when you gaze at the photos the next morning. I am yet to go to Ponystep and never did make it to Boombox (I know, why??).

Lets stop and take a moment to check out the gentleman gracing the top of this post - his face adorned with what look like woollen balls - the vivid colours remind me of the Marc Jacobs lego hairband and I love it. Nope, I never will stick things to my face but he looks rather ace.

Richard Mortimer does not, however, have the monopoly on London nights out. Only two weekends ago I celebrated my birthday at the very first Deadly People shindig created by those behind the famed Modular parties of last two or more years. Deadly parties really are one to watch and a little birdy tells me there might be a Deadly People festival in the pipeline.

I am desperate to make it to the next Grotbags night too (Kingsland Road), they look pretty fun indeed.

I'll leave you with a picture of my friend Katie and I (I am the shorter of the two) at the Deadly Party, taken just before things got pretty messy! Nope there wasn't a sale on vintage lame before you ask and thats 'lahmay' I just cannot find the accent

Friday, 25 July 2008

Kapowwow is now online

I have finally found the website for Kapowwow! I went into No-One in Shoreditch a couple of weekends ago to see if any more neck ruffles had come in and apparently some are on order, I can't wait to snap one up.

For those who have no idea what I am talking about, i first blogged about Kapowwow after seeing a blog about the Roisin Murphy video 'You Know Me Better' detailing where all the clothes came from. Needless to say, Roisin is wearing a neck ruffle by Kapowwow in her vid.

Here's some blurb from the site:

inspired by jacobian ruffs & natural structures such as: fruit & coral KA/POW/WOW neckpieces are exquisitely organic in form and spirit. each piece is meticulously hand crafted with love from reclaimed textiles sourced from charity shops & via the vast london on-line network: freecycle. KA/POW/WOW objects are clever and a bit kooky.

Love or hate?

Heeled DM boots, I just cannot decide if I love them or hate them, I might have to go and try some on. I spent a lot of time in Selfridges during the post Christmas sales trying desperately to find a pair of black Chloe lace up boots, which were the steal of the sales because of their amazing sale price, I cannot help but think I would have been disappointed to find out that Doc Marten's had recreated the look for far less...below are the Chloe ones.

I'm going to buy a digital camera this weekend so maybe I can try the DM version and snap them

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Gok's Fashion Fix

...and this blog is sponsored by Channel 4, oh no, just my love for Gok (I said Gok) shining through.

Gok Wan, you either love him or hate him, I personally love him, even if he occasionally says things I disagree with (hey Gok, Dannii Minogue's 'shameful' skirt from her youth, is actually amazing). Anyway, I have chosen some of my favourites from his 'must haves' over the last five weeks

So starting with the Oasis prom dress with bow detail, £65

Then the Topshop top, £35(I'm not sure how good this would look on me, plus I have a no tum showing rule but on others, lovely)

Finally, I do like this New Look dress and £35 its a steal!

Go Gok, long may you rein


Its a given that the goth look is going to be huge in Autumn, hell the shops are already stocking black lace creations so its hardly a surprise. Luella rocked the look in February when she sent her models down the catwalk wearing witches hats. Peaches has been adorning her body with some new tattoos which look decidedly Autumn Winter 08/09 - that might have something to do with her new beau Mr Faris Rotter of Horrors fame.

Anyway, as if we needed any more consolidation of the fact that the goth look is going to be huge, the lovely Alexa Chung and Daisy Lowe destroyed the look (in a good way) at Monday's Dark Knight premiere - do these girls ever make a sartorial mistake? I don't think so. Daisy looks a lot like her mum, Pearl, and Alexa looks like a 'darker' version of herself.

Look out for Reiss' black lace trimmed dress which should be hitting stores soon for the best in goth chic (and dig out that black lipstick)

Disgusting and amazing at the same time

I really want them!!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Berlin girls gots style

I love this outfit, her hair looks great and don't even get me started on that pink lipstick...

picture from FaceHunter

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Bow belles

I'm very excited about this huge bow bumbag...yes thats right a bumbag...fannypack to any American readers.

CarrotCake is selling these on Etsy for £24 and I just had to buy one, mainly because of this conversation I just had with my boyfriend:

Me: OH MY GOD this is amazing, its a bumbag and a bow!
Him: You really do not need that...look at the size of it...

For those who do not know what Etsy is, its tag line is 'your place to buy and sell all things handmade' and thats exactly what it is. A marketplace for handmade things, what is better than that??

I can't wait for my bow bumbag to come through the post

Monday, 21 July 2008

Big in 2009

Patti Smith is going to be your fashion icon in 2009, believe me when I say.

The shirts that Grazia are banging on about will lead the way for the structured male shirt and black suits will be de rigeur.

The above photo is the free poster that is available in the centre of my favourite fanzine The P.I.X, you can get it in London and Manchester I believe.

My favourite fashion blogger of the moment The Cherry Blossom Girl has just posted pictures of her looking very Patti and she looks fantastic.

Stuff and stuff

I'm sitting in my front room post-face mask with The Mighty Boosh on in the idea of heaven, right there, and thought I would write a bit about blog stuff....

So what's exciting? Well, I've added some links to my links section and you should check them out because the blogs are brilliant.

I've not been writing much because I have been working my bum off and partying pretty hard but more about that later. If you regularly read the blog and like what you see then do comment on the posts, comments make me smile.

I am thinking of getting into the 'what I'm wearing today' shots if anyone is interested??

Right, I'm off to get a glass of squash


Good jeans

I dont really like buying jeans, is there anyone who does? I certainly don't know many. Buying jeans generally invoves guessing how long my legs are (they're short) and how big my waist is (it varies) and then realising i'm guessing wrong and having a bit of a tantrum.

Imagine my surprise then when I popped into the Start sale and asked the immaculately dressed sales assistant (See by Chloe skirt no less) to find me some jeans that will look good on me. It was a mere second before she picked out the Earnest Sewn Harlan's. They buy all of the jeans with a 34inch leg in Start, bonkers, you may think but they do get someone to alter your jeans for a mere £10 and a two day wait. Needless to say, i love them, everyone has commented about how well they fit me and thats a good boost for a Monday.

I didn't know much about Earnest Sewn until I flicked through i-D last night and stumbled across the man himself, well designer and president Scott Morrison.

Things that make Scott Morrison amazing:

He loves Morrissey

Moz has asked ES for pairs for his US tour

It is Scott who was behind Earnets Sewn's 'Morrissey' wash

I'll definitely be investing in more pairs of `Earnest Sewn's

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Swap Shop

I dutifully got in the queue for the opening day of Visa Swap yesterday - despite a raging post birthday hangover. It was quite a terrifying sight seeing lots of ladies queueing through Covent Garden market with their fashion faces on, you know the one I mean, steely determination, the look that says "Yeah, I may talk to you now but if you come between me and a low priced MJ Stam then you'll know about it".

As soon as we got let in to the building - you had to flash your Visa Swap card to gain entry - there was something of a stampede upstairs to the handbag room. You have never seen anything like it, a lady stood on a table with the most expensive handbags in her hands, there was a Dior Saddle bag in there, and threw them on the floor. The scene was like a Bride throwing a bouquet, everyone was pushing and shoving to get their hands on the intended one for them. I'm not a big bag lady so I got stuck into the clothes, although someone did ask if my Luella bag was up for swapsies, it certainly wasn't.

I was a bit disappointed at the lack of designer labels and the menswear section was sparse, a nice man gave me his card as he could see I was carrying loads of stuff and couldn't find anything himself, what a lovely thing to do.

So what did I get?

A pink Hobbs coat
A red Marks & Spencer vintage blazer
A Jaeger cardigan
The cutest jumper from Kind
One small square handbag
An Estee Lauder PVC bag

I'm going to do a small photo shoot for you soon so you can check them all out. In the meantime, Getty caught the back of my head when I was trying on said pink coat and you can see it below - I'm the brunette and remain pretty anonymous, which is no bad thing! The caption on the Getty website is 'fashionistas trade at Visa Swap'...funny.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

the sample sale unveil

The boy and I just got back from the friends and family night of the Eley Kishimoto sample sale, ooh there are some goods to be had, get yourself down there tomorrow (Friday) or else there wont be much left!!

Get Your Sale On

Aggy goes blue

Spotted on Argyle St London, Aggy with blue locks....more soon


Monday, 14 July 2008

Hold uppp

Pharell, Santogold AND Julian Casablancas you say??? Converse get it so right

Sunday, 13 July 2008

We love Rosie too Johnny...

Remember this post on Style Bubble?? Well, I've been pretty obsessed with it...I have an insider at Topshop and begged her to let me know as soon as the JLR head bands and bows came in, alas, nuffink.

According to Susie Bubble there are six styles dropping every week at Toppers on Oxford Street and I need my fix please thank you.

My favourite is by far the double gold bow - I don't think I could pull off the HUGE one, although saying that, I'd give it a go. So, if you see one give me a shout - its my birthday on Friday, what better time to wear a gigantic headband?

Friday, 11 July 2008


Rollerskating was amazing, I'm so bruised from falling over, a male model decided to look after me all night(yes I was that rubbish), much to the chargrin of my boyfriend.

I loved every second of the rollerdisco!

Thursday, 10 July 2008

New Bloc Party single...what do you think?

Mercury by Bloc Party

Its got people talking, I think its definitely a grower....

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Get yer skates on

I was very excited when I received an invite for the Nokia Skate Almighty launch on London's South Bank, where I will be skating to tunes mixed by the fantastic Simian Mobile Disco and Hot Chip, both of which will be djing. Nokia have chosen Alice Dellal, her of the half haircut and super cool leather jacket fame, to front their campaign. The skates she is wearing above are designed by Preen who have created 5 designs especially for Nokia...I want some!!

I need to seriously think about what to wear to skate in - baggy is not a look I wear well, instead I think American Apparel U back dress and layers as well as a leather jacket - essential non? Hmmm.

Anyway, you too can get involved with the skating fun by clicking here events are happening in London / Birmingham / Manchester skates are provided. What a fun idea.


I checked out a sneak preview of the brand new CSS album 'Donkey' and it really is great, a bit more serious than the last album - the music press are citing the Brazillian band's newfound grasp of English for the lack of lyrics like 'suck my art tit' personally, I think that they have had a harrowing year after their manager problems.

The brand new video for the single Rat Is Dead has been directed by ace music video director Nima Nourizadeh. Lovefoxxx is resplendent in her lycra jumpsuit with huge neck ruffle - maybe she read my neck ruffle post? Maybe not. The rest of the band - I wish I knew who was who, I don't, look great too.

Key looks include:
Headbands over sultry fringes
a handle bar moustache
Gold boleros

The video is not on YouTube at the moment - not a great version anyway - but you can see from the still that CSS are back and hotter than ever

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Net a porter sale...rocking my world

For those who haven't seen Vintage Darling wearing her beautiful Marc Jacobs sailor top (as shown above) I can guarantee it looks ace. I really do want one, luckily the top is in the sale for £41 from Net-a-porter

other great sale items include the Marc by Marc Jacobs pear pendant watch necklace for £86.25 (down from £115)

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Agriculture Dress from £155 down to £116.25

One more....yes it has to be Luella... the Lois floral blouse down from £195 to £146.25

There is so much more...

Almost too good to be true

I don't think anything could be more exciting...Luella for Urban Outfitters, prices staring from £39 you say? Wow.

Luella Bartley was fashion editor for The Evening Standard (London) and British Vogue once upon a time, nowadays she is a well respected fashion designer.

Luella has made geeks chic and is rocking the witch look for Winter. Her collections are just out of budget for me, unless maybe she decides to design a range for Urban Outfitters...what's that? Yep, that is exactly what she is doing, hitting shops mid July, Luella's range for Urbo is said to be made up of "paisley print prom dresses, gypsy embroidered shirts, striped Ts and studded clutches." and I could not be more excited.

...Starts checking UO website everyday...obsession is healthy right?

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Richard Avedon - a bone to pick with fashion

Fashion photographer Richard Avedon who worked with Vogue and Harper's Bazaar created a collection of photographs named 'In Memory of the Late Mr and Mrs Comfort: A Fable' in which the above picture is part. The collection was created in 1995 and Avedon has since passed away aged 81 in 2004.

Stemming from a disillusionment with contemporary fashion photography, according to the Sunday Times Avedon's work was "designed to make an impact paradoxically staged, yet authentic". The work has caused a statement in America and before today's Sunday Times Magazine piece the photos have not been published in the UK. Telling a story, they depict the model's relationship with a skeleton from images of the model simulating sex with the skeleton, to their ghostly baby and the eventual deterioration of the relationship which sees the skeleton banishing the model from their house. Curator Christian Caujolle believes this project was Avedon's farewell to fashion.

Whatever it is that Avedon was saying, the one thing that you can be sure of is that the photos are shocking yet stunning, if I could pop over to Arles in France where the shots are on display I definitely would.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Lily Cole in New Primal Scream Vid

Ooh this is quite steamy, the song is ace it bad to still fancy Bobby Gillespie a bit?

Paris Couture Week

Alexa Chung looks fantastic as she is snapped by FaceHunter in Paris...

Loads more about Haute Couture coming soon to the blog