Sunday, 31 August 2008


I first read about SKIPtheatre in Dazed a few months ago and was reminded of the trio after seeing them in the Offset brochure, I only went to Offset on Saturday, even though the best line up was on Sunday - Maccabees AND Metronomy, sob. Anyway, I caught a glimpse of SKIPtheatre's outfits and wonder if they have been the main influence behind Topshop's circus window?

Have you seen Topshop's Pierrot hat? SKIPtheatre are your new style icons.

The hat is ACE and totally Tim Walker, but could I really wear it knowing that its been in the window of Topshop and isnt in fact a little Holly original? Nope.

Back to SKIPtheatre, this is what they say:

SKIPtheatre specialise in site-speific performance and theatrical events. Their work mixes devised theatre, clowning and live art with music orientated environments to create a dynamic event - which involves audience participation in skipping routines.

SKIPtheatre grasped early fame with their debut performance at Corsica Studios in early 2007, since then their work has gone nationwide, performing skipping routines at last years Glastonbury Festival, Love Box and at Camden People's Theatre. They have also performed at Fabric, Adventures in the Beetroot Field (Bournemouth), Aganovich Fashion Show (London Fashion Week) and at the celeb haunt Smash and Grab at Punk, to name a few.

As if that wasn't enough for the trio, SKIPtheatre also create on their own performance based club nights and parties around London, where they combine a selection of emerging talent from bands and dj's to performance, dance and art.

So there you go, bagsy going to the next party

I won't take no for an answer, I was born to be your dancer

I'm a sucker for a female vocal, so when I saw Thomas Tantrum at Offset Festival over the weekend, I fell in love a bit. They have a song called Shake It Shake It, which is very reminscent of Life Without Buildings (one of the best bands in the world) and has a chorus which goes as follows

GIrl:I want to talk
Girl:I want to talk though,
Girl: But I want to talk though, I wanna talk

As a serial chatterbox I can connect with that particular ditty (and I expect my boyfriend can too!)

Thomas Tantrum are made up of:

Miss Megan Thomas: Vox + Guitar
Mr Ken Robshaw: Drum Kit + B.V's
Mr David Miatt: Guitar + B.V's
Mr Jim Shivers : Bass + B.Vs

This is the video for PSHANDY, it looks like it cost about 25p which makes the band even more endearing, their album is out on Monday and you know what, I'm going to buy it on the day it comes out!

Friday, 29 August 2008

eat me, drink me

Every so often Etsy comes up with a gem and paraphernalia seems to be stocking lots of gems at the moment.

From the wonderland white rabbit necklace above, which features the illustrations of Sir John Tenniel, to the fab Sleuth Camera necklace below...

....and then of course there is the acrylic bow tie or is it perspex, what's the difference, i dont know.

Prices range from $22 to $30, at that price the necklaces are a steal...thanks to the ace Ell for bringing them to my attention and buying me the sleuth camera one!

Monday, 25 August 2008

Brand new A.P.C

I'm certainly becoming a bigger fan of A.P.C by the collection and A/W 08 is no exception. You may have seen the cape featured in this Sunday's Observer Magazine, it reminded me that I had neglected to blog about the brand new season so here we go.

Let's start with the killer yellow pea coat, a true classic from the collection. The cut of A.P.C clothes is smart and chic, very Parisian. This is 100% Lambswool.

Capes are big news for Autumn, Jaeger have one on sale for a whopping £499, the A.P.C cape is a chestnut brown plaid and comes in less expensive.

The best skirt of the season award is an elasticated waist number - its black and white floral, that winter floral is getting everywhere. The brown cordouroy gather waist skirt is a very strong competitor.

There is a dress too:

Now for some accessories, of course there are sumptuous plum tights

...and an apple necklace, which channels Marc Jacobs yet with A.P.C's signature style

Friday, 22 August 2008

When I walked to work this morning

I saw this dress and fell in love a bit, its from French Connection and looks tons better in real life, its rare to find a dress with such a great underskirt attached. This will save everyone dashing to Beyond Retro for one of their underskirt numbers.

ps I am super tired today after a raucous night at a certain Awards' ceremony so I sense a 'nipping into Topshop and spending a fortune' moment coming on, uh oh!

Thursday, 21 August 2008


I'm totally running after the boat on this one but I do love these Bebaroque tights from Asos. Queen Michelle from Kingdom of Style looks amazing in them but she does have great legs.

At £50, can i really afford them? xx

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Back to Black

I love that Grazia has interviewed the leadsinger of Ipso Facto and compared her style to the recent YSL catwalk - this ol' blog was onto the greatness of Ipso Facto's style back in March ps Grazia!

Anyway, I don't think i'll be following Stefano Pilati's creative vision and donning black lipstick, however, I am tempted to invest in a bit of blood red, Chanel are doing an ace lipstick called Fantastic Plum for £17.50, if you want to match your nails to your lips - a this season must - then pick yourself up a Tulipe Noir Le Vernis nail varnish from Chanel.

Alternatively go to Rimmel as they have some purse friendly options!

Monday, 18 August 2008

One of my favourite things...

My blog is mostly about lusting after clothes, oh you noticed? Uh huh. My A.P.C adoration lives on in this post. This A.P.C Jessica Ogden Madras romper, well, it is probably the best thing I have seen all day/ week.

I'm not sure how good it would look on me, luckily, they are stocking it in the ace Shop at Maison Bertaux on Greek Street so I can try it on of a lunch break! Photo taken from the Maison B site

Saturday, 16 August 2008

New Stuff

My boyfriend had a dream last night that Warehouse were pioneering the gothic look, amazing. I think this fashion obsession is getting a bit out of hand and spreading to those close to me.

After he told me this (and I laughed for some time) I showed him my ace new lace leggings that I had bought only the day before from H&M for a mere £10. They are totally on trend at the moment (if i do say so myself) and one that I fully prepare to rock all Autumn.

I also received a late birthday present - my Luella headband, woop, I wanted to post a picture for all to see because I love it so much, thanks Helen and Swan!!

Friday, 15 August 2008

Last night's party

Loads of London scenesters turned out for the Sky HD party last night.

Sky HD have commissioned UK designers Erdem, PPQ, Julie Verhoeven and Henry Holland to design HD Designer Boxes for Sky, the slebs who showed up included Henry Holland, Jodie Harsh, Kelly Rowland and Daisy De Villeneuve

Photo from Pop Sugar

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

thecocknbullkid - your new favourite

thecocknbullkid is also known as Anita Blay, a Dalston lady of Ghanain descent. She makes fantastic wonky pop songs and is creating quite a buzz in London. I love a good buzz, this buzz is not without substance as Anita makes the most fantastic pop since Kylie, a big claim you may think... but totally true.

Check her out here

Jonathan Kelsey for Mulberry

All the cool kids love 'em and so do I, does that make me a cool kid by default. No? Oh.

Prices range from £350 - £500 so completely out of my price range, love though, I'm so in love with these flat purple numbers.

...and they have shoe boots too!

Fitting with Mulberry’s grunge-inspired Autumn/Winter 2008 clothing and handbag line, the 5-piece Jonathan Kelsey for Mulberry collection features a riding boot (£595), ankle boot (£450), cropped bootie (£450), platform pump (£350) and the men’s shoe (£325) for women.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The Ronson Tenenbaums

Don't you just love this, Harper's Bazaar recreating the Royal Tenenbaums look on those fabulous Ronson's

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Urban Outfitters Luella Stuff now online

Like literally this second...the cheapest thing are the £79 tees


Shirt - £125

T-shirt - £79

T-shirt - £79

Cashmere ruffle sleeve £135

Check Muslin Button Down Dress

Striped jersey shirt dress

Lumberjack jacket - £345

You can shop for it here now

Monday, 4 August 2008

Clothes porn

Topshop Autumn Winter '08

These pictures are going to make me bankrupt and maybe you too, thats a warning....

MY FAVOURITE - the planets jumper KILLS me, its so good

Did someone say high waisted? Uh huh...

Maybe throw some winter coats in the mix?

Cute knitwear?

Totally tartan

Pattern fun?


How much is that doggy on your jersey?

Shimmy rivers

Structural damage

Feathered fancy

Its like all of my Christmas' came at once!

Images from

Sunday, 3 August 2008

If I had some cash...

These shoes will pop up in Office et al in a matter of weeks, get involved in loafer season!

THAT necklace

Anyone who watched Gok's Fashion Fix on Channel 4 last week will have noticed that the Selfridges buyer chose Mawi's panther/heart necklace to accompany the Herve Leger dress that she chose to send out onto the catwalk. Alexa Chung also wore one of the necklace's throughout the show.

Chung is renowned for her love of over sized statement jewellery and is often seen in Mawi designs, click here to see her being interviewed by The Sunday Telegraph's Stella Magazine. The necklace is currently on sale across the road from my flat in B+R for £170, even though Selfridges are selling it for a darn sight more. I suggest going on the Mawi website for more info about stockists, yeah its expensive but statement jewellery is so AW 08/09!

What's that on yer 'ed

Last night my friend's and I went to Shuffle at The Legion (my sister's night) and danced the night away, the night is great but The Legion tends to entertain a strange crowd, not the normal Shoreditch types but the last train back to Croydon types - oh how catty of me! Needless to say when I donned my Winehouse/Ena Sharples inspired headscarf there were a couple of confused looks One girl decided she wanted to be my best friend and took her picture with me.

Anyway, above are the results, the bow looked pretty good but you can't tell from the photos. There is never a bad time to experiment with headwear in my opinion, i'll let you know the next time I try something out!