Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Teenagers In Tokyo

Last night the boy and I popped along to check out latest buzz band (i hate that phrase a bit) Teenagers In Tokyo. Recently scoring themselves an NME Radar piece (high praise indeed), the band are signed to Gossip's label Back Yard.

Teenagers In Tokyo are four girls and boy, the girls met in school where they formed a band in their art class - how very conceptual. They make music that makes you want to dance, with a splash of synths, some intricate fret work, frenetic drumming and a lead singer who wails and screeches in a fantastic way. Very Vampire and End It Tonight are great tracks, you can listen to them on their myspace

Did I mention they were super fashionable and very sexy?

Last night leadsinger Samantha Lim was wearing a black pleated dress resplendent with a long gold necklace holding a gold set of teeth designed by NLYM favourite Emma Franklin

I would like a teeth necklace, when I get a photo of them i'll show you all.

Here's what the biography says...

Witness their self-titled E.P. produced by Jono Ma from the Lost Valentinos and Knife Machine.
’End it Tonight’ and ‘Very Vampyr’ are stylistically happy, shoulders back, among many of their
modern post-punk-electro-rock-whatever siblings. For a side-angled swipe at what
teenagersintokyo are capable of, ‘Black Bones’ and ‘Robocat’ should get you stroking your chin
in wonder.

Monday, 28 April 2008

PonyStep Launches

Richard Mortimer - the creator of now legendary Hoxton Sunday night party BoomBox - has set out on a brand new, exciting project under the name of PonyStep a London centric website featuring articles about music, fashion, parties and art.

The list of contributors include Hanna Hanra and Princess Julia from The PIX, Bella Freud (yep), Jerry Bouthier and obviously Mr Mortimer himself. I'm bookmarking it now, lets face it, soon i'll be addicted.

The launch party looked pretty fun, check out the photos from last night's launch at dirtydirtydancing.com

Saturday, 26 April 2008

The net-a-porter effect

Anyone who picked up The Guardian's weekend magazine yesterday will have seen the Marni sandal led women's fashion feature, a feature so beautifully styled that it sent me into a bit of a platform frenzy. Google Marni platforms today and the first thing that will come up is the most disappointing Net-A-Porter page one could ever see, that's right, the SOLD OUT emblazoned, heart breakingly, gut wrenchingly, bare page of woe.

Don't get me wrong, I have never bought anything from Net-a-porter, the £10 delivery charge would pretty much break my bank. However, one day I hope I can go out and make a whimsical purchase from there - lets hope that by the time I pluck up the courage to buy something I won't see 'the page'. Shopping on the internet is so instant and guilt free, there was even an article in last week's Sunday TImes Style about online shopping addicts who are finding spending £400 on a pair of Marnis super easy simply because they do not experience check out guilt...

I imagined tribes of fashionable ladies picking up a Guardian supplement over their mint tea, falling in love with said shoes and clicking the proceed to checkout button yesterday morning. I'm quite jealous but also quite glad I haven't book marked NAP. I for one need checkout guilt to keep me on the (almost) straight and narrow in terms of my finances and long may that guilt rein.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Getting nailed

Current obsession? Ruby and Millie nail varnish, its a bit pricey but super worth it. Doesnt chip, goes on and comes off nicely plus the colours are amazing. Today I made like Rihanna and bought some orange so that I can have fashionable fingers to cross for sun tomorrow.

MIA for Marc Jacobs

I love Marc Jacobs, and MIA for that matter but together? Really? That I do not like - MIA dressed like this is pretty wrong and a bit dull

When she usually dresses like this - however, re: Victoria Beckham in a bag, maybe Marc Jacobs is having a laugh on us all.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Last night's party

Not heard of TheLipster.com? Shame on you...it's only 'your pop culture broadsheet', yep.

Part of the Drowned In Sound group, The Lipster has an all female editorial team and features articles from some of the most vocal, and talented, female journalists in the country. Recent articles include Helen Bownass' ace Carry On Camping, the Weekly Mag Report and The Rise of the Prom.

Everyday, or thereabouts, there is a Daily Sound article about a new artist or band - they recently featured Dels, Fleet Foxes and NLYM favourite Ladyhawke - these girls are so on the pulse they must not be able to sleep.

Last night I popped down to the launch party of TheLipster.com at London's AKA Bar, Lipster cupcakes adorned the tables, there were themed cocktails - if anyone can tell me how to make a Deneuve that would be most kind. DJs included George Pringle and New Young Pony Club, the London Rollergirls also came out in force but seem to have forgotten their skates - each had a nickname on the back of their t-shirt, our favourite? Correctional Felicity.

The barmen had to throw us out when all others had left, sign of a good party? I think so.


I'd quite like to go to this please, however, I'm working until late so I can't. Its going to be great (sung to the tune of the super annoying Frosties advert), Charlie Le Mindu is doing hair, Naomi// is djing and she mixes a mean tune, the theme is Musicals so start planning your outfit now.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Pin up, you're my pin up

I've meant to blog about this for ages but as I am a bit slap dash its taken me longer than i thought. Having been frequenting some trendy clubs/late night Shoreditch buses of late and checking out the girls outfits, naturally, it has come to my attention that there is a lot of hair pinnage going on.

Whether its a fringe swept to the side and pinned into a curl or a full blown hairspray and pin affair - either way there is going to be rush on kirby grips starting NOW, i stocked up on Saturday.

Picture taken from It's Vintage Darling...

Trend alert - woven bracelets

Thats correct, Topshop have them, Urban Outfitters have them, Grazia love them - start the stampede


Finally there is a proper picture of the Ka pow wow neck ruffle online - i still want it, you can get them from No-One's website

They also have this beautiful Bi La Li bustier top in the sale section of the sitedown from £175 to £59, bargainous!

Not quite Luella

Everyone wants this dress, its gorgeous. Only thing is not everyone can afford the price tag - including my poor self. So why not hop to Debenhams Red Herring section and buy this copy for £60...while you are in Debenhams check out the Red Herring bags, they are hot.

For more Luella rip offs, Lipsy are selling an identical layered ra ra skirt for £40

Monday, 21 April 2008

Release your InnerParty

Think bleeps, squelchy synths and angsty vocals, The Faint before they got a bit shit, beats that make you dance - on your seat - or manically in a dark club with neon strobes...think InnerPartySystem, in London, for one more night before heading back to Pennsylvania.

Tuesday 22nd April, Camden's Dublin Castle, stage time 9ish, see you there

Monday night's alright for partying

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Vivienne Westwood Perspex Jewellery

Vivienne Westwood has designed some lovely new perspex Orb jewellery, which will look fantastic on tanned summer necks, priced £60 or thereabouts you can buy them from Maison Bertaux in London or Hervia.com

Look of the week...

Picture from Face Hunter

I just love this outfit, the tights and bowtie are a fantastic combo, the brown leather bag compliments the crisp white shirt perfectly.

Heartsrevolution get physical

Heartsrevolution release their Switchblade EP tomorrow on Kate Moross' Isomorph label - which you may have read about in the ace FACT magazine this month.

Fact fans...

The release has a holophonic foil sleeve (i'm not sure what that means either)
Neon inner print and milk pink vinyl 10" - ooh i love a coloured vinyl
Feature 5 tracks
Its only available from isomorphs.com and a few boutiques in London / Paris /Japan

Excitement city...

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Accessories at Office

Office have branched out into accessories, pretty darn cheap accessories too. The Eiffel Tower necklace is £15 and comes in red or blue, they also do some great glasses necklaces (a current obsession) for £22.

For this cheap you can mix and match or even buy lots and wear them all at once

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Collaboration alert - Tatty Devine Gilbert & George

Tatty Devine have designed a collection to coincide with Gilbert & George's exhibition at the de Young Gallery in San Francisco, jewellery includes 'Gin' cufflinks, Hope & fear necklaces / brooches and NHS style glasses.

Bad news? The collection is only available from the de Young gallery but as prices are between $40-$80 you can afford the shipping...

New Nylon Mag

May's Nylon is one not to miss - Serena and Blair from Gossip Girl have a cover each...which are you?

More shopping lust

David David jumpsuit, please can you be in my wardrobe when I get home from work?

Shopping lust

Emma Cook for Topshop, such a great summer dress for the festivals

Bjork looking brill

Bjork rocking ruffles and amazing make up at her London show on Monday.

Favourite Bjork song? Hmm, All Is Full of Love

Her film Dancer In The Dark makes me sob

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Fully sucked in

Yes I know everyone has been talking about the Pierre Hardy for Gap shoe range for ages but I cannot wait to get my hands on the above and the below. The heeled wedges are £55...pretty good value for such a brill designer

Luella for Tonic

These Luella tonic tees are lovely, Tonic is 'run by professionals who care about social change' all of the t shirt designs are in aid of different charity organisations, par example:

The Sun tee
Buy a "Pagan Sun" t-shirt and you'll be protecting 1/4 acre of endangered coral reef near Palau, Micronesia. SaveNature.org is our partner in this effort to protect sea turtles, dugongs, giant clams, chambered nautilus ... more than 600 coral and 1400 fish species in all! The tee is 70% cotton and 30% soft bamboo fiber.

The scary Douglas tee
Put a smile on the face of two kids in Columbia for each Scary Douglas t-shirt you buy. Revenue from this tee goes to The Global Fund for Children, who support Fundacion Simsa Healthy Little Mouths program and helps provide mobile dental clinics that offer free check-ups, toothbrushes and toothpaste to deserving kids. Made of 70% organic cotton and 30% bamboo fiber.

The stag tee
Sports + education = big things for kids in Africa. Together with through our partner, Alive & Kicking, UK, we're not only providing free soccer balls with educational messages about HIV/AIDS and malaria to kids, we're helping communities learn work skills and earn money by teaching them how to stitch the leather balls themselves. Soft and supple organic cotton and bamboo fiber 70/30 blend.

The Robin tee
When walking to school, the last thing a kid needs to worry about is his or her feet. Along with Friends of Paradis des Indiens, TONIC is helping provide shoes to 2,500 children in Haiti to help them get to school and learn academic subjects and skills such as carpentry, sewing, weaving, agriculture and reforestation. Each t-shirt is an organic cotton and bamboo fiber 70/30 blend and provides 1 pair of shoes to a child in Abricots, Haiti.

What more reason could you need to buy them all - plus on the site they convert dollars to pounds so you can pay that way...

Monday, 14 April 2008

Soko at Sony Walkman's Spring Fling

If you read the papers at the weekend you might have seen that Soko has been linked to Mr Johnny Borrell of Razorlight fame. She played an ill fated set at Thursday's Walkman Spring Fling - people were pretty rude, chatting all through her set - Kid Harpoon joined her onstage and she finished her set with Never Love You More cutting it short as people weren't really listening.

I was standing next to a boy who told me he was in love with her, If i was a boy I would love her too.

Looks like Kinga Burza, the lady behind the Kate Nash videos has directed Soko's next single, can't wait!

As for the Borrell thing, who knows.

Friday, 11 April 2008

A.Human - Black Moon

A.Human are one of the best new bands in the UK at the moment - woah, yeah, you heard me. Everyone bangs on about leadsinger Dave being a hybrid of Jarvis and some crazed sex pest but don't worry he won't molest you when you see them live, preferring instead to dance uncomfortably close to your face and mess up your hair. It would have been nice to see the whole band in the video but maybe on the next single.

A.Human's album 'Third Hand Prophecy' is out on 5th May.

Luella hair collection AW 08

Look at the bows, literally the most exciting thing i have seen all day - it is still the morning, however.

Arriving in-store at Luella 25 Brook St, London W1K 4HB and Harvey Nichols, 109-125 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7RJ.”

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Vice Kills

If your vice is heroin, that will probably kill you, if it's dancing to bands and ace djs on a Friday night, you'll probably be ok.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Rebekah Raa's Fashion Line

Rebekah Raa is the leadsinger in Stricken City as well as being a very talented fashion designer. Definitely one to watch, Rebekah is currently in her final year of Womenswear at London College of Fashion.

Above is the line up for her new collection, the detail in this work is beautiful, check out the feather adorned shoes and the great chain details....

Some of my favourite bits in Rebekah's collection are below, there are some really exciting pieces so it was hard to choose a selection...

The coat features ethically sourced fur

Probably my favourite item is the sheer top with brown feathers

Now for the orange feather dress....lush

Oh lets do one more please

Your new favourite coat, anyone?

Next stop Vogue

Lily goes blonde in Hackney

I'm quite a fan of her dark hair personally....

The only place to be tonight..

Once again Durrr pulls it out of the bag and brings us the brill Midnight Juggernauts, it's going to be a busy one, last week Matt Walsh kept us out dancing until 2am, which was not the best for work on Tuesday morning. Ouch

Friday, 4 April 2008

Here come the girls

Some great outfits at the Rolling Stones / Martin Scorcese Shine A Light premiere

Peaches in black lace and ace killer shoes:

Pixie out shines everyone once again by looking like a pixie in a fab dress accompanied by impish haircut

Alexa Chung rocks the denim look

Copy the look with Lee's Dee Dress, available from Urban Outfitters £75

More info about Beyond The Valley Sale

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Jojo & Malou

The media are suddenly ramping up their Jojo & Malou coverage due to Amy Winehouse being a fan of the brand, both Sunday Times Style and Grazia have reported on the girls this week alone.

Jojo & Malou are two Swedish girls who create ace dresses with eye catching prints and a tendency for a bow, they created a line for Topshop early last year, you may remember their scotty dog emblazoned smock dresses or the multi coloured dot print dress with the large bow.

Having just shown their A/W 08 collection the girls are recieving praise, especially for their dresses, having won an Elle Style Award in their native Sweden Jojo & Malou's popularity is bound to escalate throughout the summer.

Check out this great one piece from their S/S 08 collection:

This is a great look from their Autumn / Winter 08 collection ..

You can buy Jojo & Malou from Beyond The Valley in London

Fact, Malou used to live in the flat above me and both the girls are super nice!

Tutu crazy

Tutus are back, if they were ever 'in' in the first place apart from in school halls and gym halls, Alexander McQueen's most recent collection saw the above gorgeous black creation hit the catwalk. In this week's Grazia Anna Friel is modelling one. Hoxton kids were on to the ballet look ages ago - the below picture from Savvy London was taken on Boombox's first birthday.

Re-create the look with American Apparel's skater dress and an underskirt and dance the night away, ballet moves not required