Friday, 31 October 2008

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Sexy legs

After I posted about my doctor giving me a high heel ban until my back got better I received an email about a new high heel workout DVD, sounds pretty interesting - apparently it strengthens your legs and core as well as toning your legs, so could potentially be brilliant.

according to the website it strengthens your legs so you can wear the new killer heels that are out there and decrease the risk of injury to your back, which will please my doctor no end.

Here's some blurb

LEGWORK is the first high heel instructional and fitness workout proven to increase sexiness, confidence and grace in heels. LEGWORK teaches the advanced high heel fitness and training routines of top Broadway dancers and was created in collaboration with ballerinas, women’s shoe designers, fitness experts and podiatrists. Each LEGWORK instructor has over 12 years of professional dance training and experience in high heels. High heel fitness is the secret to sexy high heel walking and endurance!

LEGWORK strengthens and tones legs and core, targeting specifically the upper and lower legs, abs, butt, the inner and outer thighs, calves, ankles and feet for stability, control and endurance in heels of all heights.

Amazing present for Chrimbo, I'm sure you'll agree - you can get it here

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Kate Moss range, actually pretty good

I don't usually like the Kate Moss collection for Topshop, but I have to say, this dress is a winner. Based on a dress she had when she was younger this 70's mini dress is quite something. Collections shot in black and white make me quite dubious, its in stores now according to Stylefinder at £100 its a bit pricey but a good one to add to the Chrimbo list??

The triangle dress is also a great addition to her new collection and more affordable at £50

Monday, 27 October 2008

Get Hallow

I saw this girl walking past my house yesterday (i was going home to bed, she was going out to Ponystep). She won props from me for having the most inventive Halloween headpiece.

This photo is taken from the brilliant photo blog glamcanyon, which has a whole loads of shots from the Ponystep night last night, you can see them here

...more Preen stuff

Oh Preen, why are you doing this to me? These great dresses came into the Net A Porter yesterday.

A power bondage dress? Sounds perfect!

In black its just as good....

Must get off net-a-porter!

Shoe lust

Shoe lust is back! These Preen for Topshop boots are just gorgeous, I want them, £110 though, gulp. Did anyone see them in Sunday's Observer magazine? Love


Net A Porter - New Miu Miu

So this morning as promised I went on Cocosa and invested in some more PPQ, only one thing but I do love adding to my PPQ collection (i have a cardigan and t shirt so far).

It was amazing how quickly some of the things sold out, I logged on at 8.10am after the sale had opened at 8am and lots of things had gone.

I am a keen advocate of an internet shop, I don't know if you saw the piece in Vogue about online shopping and the ways in which the clever online marketing draws you onto the site (emails after lunch time because you are more likely to open them, that kind of thing) it was fascinating. Anyway, Net-a-porter sent out an email about the new Miu Miu collection hitting the store, I blogged about this when it hit the catwalk so thought I would post up some of my favourite bits.

The honeycomb skirt is a whopping £1,380 but looks divine

check it out on the catwalk

The lurex sweater dress is slightly more affordable at £205

The cashmere blend peacoat is so Miu Miu and reminds me of the Roisin Murphy video for "Know Me Better"

Checked cropped trousers SO ON TREND £240

The double zip dress at £770, i remember seeing these on the catwalk with the model's initials embroidered onto the chest

Finally, this colour block sweater dress is something special at £260

Friday, 24 October 2008


The lovely people at Cocosa emailed me this morning to offer readers of this blog an exclusive sign up code for Cocosa.

You too can sign up to the site by using the code below:


This runs out on 7th November so get clicking!

ps the Mawi necklaces sold out in 24 hours so you need to be really on it to get the good stuff!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Topshop Sale time again

Yep, that's right, the Topshop sale has started and boy is it a winner! Can't be bothered to elbow your way through the sale section? Then you should shop online...

Here are some of my pics of the sale:

The Danielle Scutt denim shirt dress is down from £60 to £30

Meadham Kirkoff dress (if you have the figure to pull it off! Down from £85 to£40

The liberty floral print corset top is now on £18

Flag print A Line skirt only £18

Colour clash jersey body now £7

Soup & Fish please

OMG, I am a bit obsesses with Soup&Fish here are some of my favourite things that have been sold on the site, out of stock now but sign up to get exclusive updates on the next sale...

Viktor & Rolf patent leather shoes for 157 Euros from spring summer 2003

Margiela graffitti shopper 35 Euros down from 104 Euros

Chainbead necklace by Florian Ladstaetter for 264 Euros

Bernard Willhelm Open Grid Tunic 174 Euros down from 434 Euros

Oversized Patchwork Dress by Martin Margiela 185 Euros down from 389 Euros


Julie Denim Cape with hood and zip details is onsale for 108 Euros down from 280 Euros by Awareness and Consciousness

There is so much more much I must get to bed, I've signed up and cannot wait to see what they stock next

Going Cocosa

A good friend of mine introduced me to Cocosa, the new site featuring high fashion at sale prices. Only open to UK users at the moment, the idea behind the site is to give users exclusive access to designer sales. Last week the first sale kicked off featuring Mawi jewellery - remember the heart necklace I blogged about? That was up on the site for half price. On Monday at 8am they are opening the PPQ sale - hold me back!

I know the lovely Kingdom of Style ladies blogged about this recently and received comments from Secretsales, who actually launched this concept in 2007. Thing about this site (and I know nothing of the secret sales site) is that it has been put together by some of the Grazia team and other fashion lovers.

Here is my pic of the PPQ sale on Monday...see you there at 8am (but without the shoving, cannot wait!)

First up, Deline Frill Dress in black and white down from £95 to £38

A different variation on the Deline dress but in a smock version still in the black/white colour way down from £225 to £90

If you are feeling a bit more slinky bag yourself the Lea Vest in black down from £65 to £26. I think this would look brilliant with ripped jeans

...there is loads more stuff up there but I remember this next little beauty on the catwalk (wasnt Peaches in it??) I love this Zephyrine black and white cocktail dress

Other sales coming up include Pringle, Lacroix, Temperley...BRILLIANT

According to other comment posts on Kingdom of Style, Soup & Fish is similar but sells more edgy garments from the likes of Margiela, Bernhard Willhelm, Viktor and Rolf.

I got the fever

Boo to feeling ill, so far this week I have have two days off work and been banned from wearing heels by the doctor for a while, what a horrid week!

I have also missed two parties due to feeling yuck including tonight's Absolut party at the pop up vintage clothes store down the road, which I am really sad about.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

I'd like this girl's style

From the Asos Today blog, Natalie Watts is a stills photographer for the brand

Please, the tats, the tights, the red lippy. Beautiful

Feathers will fly

Feathers are big this Winter so prepared to get poked in the neck by them when you are kissing your fashionable friends. So here is a post about feathers, I think I am in love...

The latest copy of Vogue has a feature called Diary of a dress, which focusses on Burberry Prorsom's feather dress which first headed down the runway on February 18 2008, during Burberry Prorsom's autumn/winter 08 show in Milan.

A bit like this...

You may have seen the dress in the Burberry ad campaign on Rosie Huntingdon Whiteley, who models in the campaign alongside the delectable Sam Riley. The feature is actually really interesting and notes how the dress is flown all around the globe, requested by the likes of Demi Moore, Kate Hudson, Mary J Blige, Gwyneth Paltrow and Agyness Deyn and repaired a few times in between.

In case you are interested the magazines who request it include, W, Dazed, Grazia, Tatler, French Vogue, Another Magazine, The Financial Times, US Glamour, L'Officiel, British Vogue, Italian Vogue and I think thats it. Yeah it seems like its only dry cleaned once too, hmmm. I personally love this feathered dress and here are a few more feather looks you might want to go for....

Topshop's turkey feather cape hits so many trends at the same time and at £60, its a touch cheaper than anything Burberry have to offer.

ASOS have a great feather fascinator up on the site for £18

(i'm obsessed with this girl's hair)

New Look have a more subtle black top with feather details, which includes feather detail on the neckline at the back

Warehouse have come up trumps with the below dress, perfect for Xmas parties!

If you have loads of money bag yourself this Fendi feather trimmed dress...

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Commons & Sense Magazine

My boyfriend went to Paris recently and returned with fashion magazine Commons & Sense after spotting it in Colette.

The magazine is created in Tokyo and written in both English and Japanese, the art direction behind the magazine is fantastic, I instantly fell in love with the mag. Here is a selection of images I love from the magazine's past issues.

Check the website

Credit crunch fashion

I am tired of hearing about the credit crunch so imagine you are too, however, I couldn't resist applying the phrase to this post. The Sunday Times Style today features a piece about how to cope with the credit crunch, examples include 'want a hot tub in the garden? Have a vodka and tonic in a long bath' I'm sure you can imagine the rest.

The sales are starting now and online shops are grabbing shoppers attention with their great deals, increasingly I find myself heading to eBay for some bargains. Lets face it, why go to a huge shop full of temptation when you can go to eBay and only look at the things you really, really want. It might not be as fun, but hell, it keeps the bank manager off your back.

Imagine my delight then when my lovely and super fashionable friend Lily decided to slim down her wardrobe and put some of her unworn items up on eBay. So let me run through what she has got up for grabs, there are Blow Up and I Heart Huckabees DVDs up there but the clothes are what you might want to cast an eye over, here's a selection of a few items....

First up Lily has a size 10 Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Boxy Panel Dress, I'm quite tempted by this myself actually...

Alice McCall for Topshop size 8

On to the shoes:

Pink Topshop brogues, UK size 8

...and some black biker boots, I've been wearing mine non stop and can recommend them for wintery days

Get bidding!!