Friday, 29 February 2008

Alexa Chung Jewellery

I may seem slightly obsessed by Alexa Chung, I'm not, honest.

More news on AC, she has designed a range of jewellery for fairtrade campaigners MADE who help developing countries to develope a bit more or something. Her range is skull based and starts at £25 - not my thing at all really. It's for a good cause tho and you can buy it here if it tickles your fancy.

Tory Burch

Tory Burch's canary yellow long length cardigan is one of Net-a-Porter's top tips for this week - at £175 it's totally out of my price range but I do love the look of it.

I had a quick peek on her website and found this delightful outfit - all of which is Tory Burch. Selfridges stock a small concession of her line and it's definitely worth checking out

Look of the day

Taken from The Sartorialist

Such a classic look pulled off oh so well, those glasses are very Luella SS08, the gold scarf works perfectly with her hair. Beautiful.

Eley Kishimoto team up with Cancer Research

Design duo Eley Kishimoto, and NLYM favourite, have teamed up with Cancer Research to create the Fukuro shopper, the eco friendly shopping bag is available in Cancer Research shops and Wishes stores from 7th March. The bag is adorned with an owl, a lucky mascot for EK and a symbol of wisdom. In a wise move by Cancer Research the bag has been designed as the charity launches it's campaign to use fewer plastic bags in their shops.

Cancer Research is doing some really exciting things, the James Brown auction and now this!

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

I love Foals

Mystery Jets - Young Love

Single of the year??? Swoon

Monday, 25 February 2008

Look of the day

the over sized bow, the fur stole, this makes me ache!!! I love it!!!

Picture from FaceHunter

James Brown Silent Auction

Kate Moss' hairdresser James Brown has now launched his hair care collection, which you can buy exclusively at Boots, I haven't checked it out yet but when I do, I'll let you know.

Anyway, he's doing something rather cool at the moment and has got involved with Cancer Research UK, a cause that I believe is pretty close to his heart (because he says so on his site).

Famous friends of James B have donated clothes to be auctioned off at the Marylebone (London) branch of Cancer Research, you can check out the collection of clothes being auctioned off at
Celebs who have donated clothes include Kate Moss (well of course), Sienna Miller, Jude Law, Kelly Osbourne and Peaches Geldof as well as many, many, more fashionable friends of James'. I have my eye on Peaches and Kelly's donations which you can see below:

Kelly Osbourne's Westwood number....

..and a bit of lame from Peaches....

You can bid online at James Brown's site or go to eBay, it really is that simple and raises money for an excellent cause!

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Emma Franklin Jewellery

Emma Franklin's jewellery is quite irresistable, it reminds me of Mawi, probably the animal theme. Anyway, graduating from Central Saint Martins two years ago, Emma now supplies Kabiri with her designs. The androgynous jewellery is not cheap but simply oozes quality.

Alexa Chung will snap this right up!

Monday, 18 February 2008

Dressed To Kill

After seeing these Marc Jacobs flat gold boots on's accessories report I just had to post them for all to see. They remind me of an article I once read about Alison from The Kills where she mentioned that her favourite things in the world (on that day, obviously) were a pair of Gold Dior Homme boots. I read that a few years ago, where I don't know, why I remember it is an even more curious thing.

The Kills adorn the cover of the new Nylon magazine, which I still can't get anywhere, I'm hoping it will be in Borders tomorrow.

You can't really see the boots here, but she is wearing them...

Does anyone else feel a huge desire to go to Marc Jacobs and buy these beauties, team them with skinny jeans, a baggy t shirt and lots of necklaces and proceed to pretend you're a rockstar whilst dancing round the living room?

Coveted Dress of the Day

Now, the question is...spend your money on a lovely Peter Jenson for Topshop dress (£75) or save up for four months for a Luella dress?

Saturday, 16 February 2008

This week's best dressed London clubber

And the winner is this young lady, her bow is brill and I love the marching band-esque top. Too cute

pic from - club night Circus

Vivienne Westwood Red Label - LFW 08

Red Label is one of Viv's most wearable lines and certainly one of the most retail friendly, the A/W looks simply divine. In the photo below note the super wearable blazer, blazers were also visible in Luella's show and well worth investing in next season. The thing about Westwood clothes that makes me adore them is the fact that they are sensual garments that ooze quality and a very understated yet cool glamour.

The models at the show were also of a high calibre, Coco Rocha, Daisy Lowe and Alice Dellal were all seen strutting their stuff as well as surprise guest Jaime Winstone, seen below. More pics of her at LFW to follow in the next post.

I cannot say this was my favourite outfit of the who but I think the statement was very Vivienne Westwood.

If you invest in anything for A/W, make sure it's Red Label

pics from

Friday, 15 February 2008

Luella A/W 08

I literally cannot be more excited about Luella's new collection, part 99p shop Halloween gothica part Wednesday Adams:

Long live the goth look!

Shoe lust

Uh oh, it's happened again, this time the shoes are a tad more expensive than the Nine West one that my shoe lust was originally directed towards...

Marni - £380, eeek

Woo hoo for Gareth Pugh

The best bits, in my opinion from the Gareth Pugh show.....I love the leather, the make up scares me a bit though...

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Some music amongst the frocks

I stumbled across James Yuill yesterday, deciding to check him out after someone described him as 'a pleasing amalgamation of Gryff Rhys, The Postal Service and Nick Drake", you just couldn't not really.

Electronic melancholy is probably one of my favourite genres of music and James Yuill fits this perfectly. he reminds me a bit of the Beta Band and Whitest Boy Alive.

He's doing some gigs across the country - check his myspace for more info

Best of Yesterday at LFW

Two great pieces from yesterday's shows:

Pink block colour two piece suit with amazing jacket from Krystof Strozyna:

The perfect winter coat from the one and only Aquascutum:

All pictures from

WTF??? Samanda at LFW

I spat out a bit of my water when I saw this picture on Facehunter Sam and Amanda from Big Brother being papped at LFW is a bit of a crime in my mind. However, one of them is in a Richard Nicoll for Topshop frilled blouse dress (I'm sure Topshop don't describe it like this!) and the other looks pretty ace too. Haven't they come along way since this:

Probably only in the sense that they have a new stylist

p.s. I'm pretty sure it's them

Frances Bean, where've you been?

Doesn't Frances look hot? Shots taken from Harpers website, Frances features in the March issue to promote her acting career.

For those who are ill-informed in the world of celebrity offspring, Frances Bean is the daughter of one Kurt Cobain and one Miss Love. She did an interview in i-D a couple of years back where she admitted to being a bit of a swot, which makes her even more amazing in my eyes.

The shot above is probably my favourite, however, the Grease shots are pretty good too, apparently FB is more of a Rizzo than a Sandy.

Marios Schwab @ LFW

I love a bit of Marios Schwab, despite the fact that on trying on his dress for Topshop (below) i managed to unzip it too quickly and get my skin caught in the zip leading to actually cutting myself (idiot).

Anyway, some highlights from the LFW show he did yesterday:

Same Schwab body con yet with a striking neckline

Apparently the selection of dresses in this style were so tight the models usually long strides were cut short into more of a waddle.

Go to Topshop and check out Marios' accessories collection for Topshop Unique, one thing you can afford!

photos from

Where will you be on Valentines Eve?

Maybe here??? I sure will

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

ArtArtArt Tonight

Tonight at Mahiki Queens of Noize are launching their new club night, ArtArtArt, an off the wall experimental club night, which sounds good if a bit terrifying. Tonight the 'art' is brought to you by 10 ladies from Zezi Ilfore of Super Super/E4 fame to Florence and the Machine parading through London's Soho equipped with instruments champagne and the like.

What's the best bit?

They will all be dressed in PPQ cocktails dresses and Terry de Havilland wedges. Parade starts at 10pm at Mahiki - someone take some snaps for me!

Louise Goldin - LFW show

I bet some pennies that this shot will run and run in the style press, Louise Goldin - who's New Gen collection is in Topshop right now - showed at LFW, her unique take on the sweater dress is inspired by "Space Eskimos", yes it's body con, but weren't we all hoping that would stick around for a bit longer?

Louise also showed some wetsuit like garments and the Eskimo-esque fur lined coat shown below:

pictures from

Eley Kishimoto Fall 2008 Ready To Wear

photo taken from

Fave outfit from LFW's Eley Kishimoto show, bow ties were all over the PPQ party too, Beyond Retro does fab vintage ones.

Fashion Week Fatalities

(Picture from Dirty Dirty Dancing, this isnt me, this is someone I have spied on the site)

Fashion Week turns me into a voyeur, a scopophile, I turn from an observer of fashion and those who dress well to a manic staring crazy person.

First thing i do in the morning is go to Dirty Dirty Dancing and check out who has been going to the fashion parties and what they are wearing, then I think about how maybe I should not eat today and perhaps have a facial or just a face transplant, one of them.

Next thing, I pop out to lunch and try on Richard Nicoll for Topshop dresses (maybe Marios Schwab, thats a whole new story) and see someone in the best outfit ever so mentally note in my head how to copy it - she had the Topshop leather skirt that sold out as soon as it hit the rails so make a mental note to find one like it in a charity shop - remind myself to stop staring as I am possibly freaking her out a bit.

Then, go home, have some wine and go to Durrr, lots of people are having their picture taken and are adorned with fashion week wristbands, drop my plastic cup on to the floor so I don't decide to use it as an instrument of self harm. Go home, remind myself I have to work pretty hard tomorrow...refrain from being mean to my bf as it's not his fault LFW makes me mental.

Everyday goes a bit like that, I love staring a people, tonight I am going to a non-fashion-week-fashion-show that I am not sure why I got invited to so will probably end up being turned away from.

Repeat, refresh, repeat, sleep, repeat.

Passion for fashion much? Bonkers? Plenty

Friday, 8 February 2008

Another Valentines Idea

Lovebird broach from Sonia Rykiel at Browns £45

The dress of your (my) dreams

Yes it is, probably need to lose a stone to get near it, whatevs

It's PPQ - of course, and although I can't find a piccy, has lovely bow detail on the back.

Be My Valentine Tatty Devine

This is the weekend of panic buying in advance of the dreaded Valentines Day, I don't know why I say dreaded, I quite like Valentines Day. Anyway, why panic when you can go straight into Tatty Devine and get present & card, it's a one stop shop. Visit the website or one of the shops on Brick Lane or Brewer Street.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Brand New Eley K

My brand of choice and definitely one of the most accessible (in terms of cash) brands available to me at the moment is Eley Kishimoto. I was lucky enough to go to the show last Fashion Week and check out the Spring Summer 08 collection, the highlights of which I have posted below:

1. Stop staring at your naval...Kingdom of Style have been posting about these military/sailor girl hats and I share the enthusiasm:

2. Baby baby, I'm in chains - the design reminds me of a scarf that my Gran used to have (but more neon):

3.Are you being served? This is a fabulous combination of pencil skirt, typically EK print shirt and fab belt:

Please can I have them all?

Let's hear it for Ladyhawke

Ooh, i do love a bit of disco, so when someone tole me about Ladyhawke I just had to check her out. Imagine 80's synths - think Gary Numan and a female apathetic vocal.

The first song on the Myspace is Paris Is Burning an ace tune with some killer lyrics about kids drinking in the street and other amazing Parisian stuff where as Back of the Van is a homage to Chrissie Hynde.

Ladyhawke is djing at the Modular Irregular party tomorrow (Friday) at Bar Aquarium in Shoreditch - get there early, those parties get pretty sweaty, oh, and take your cossie as the jacuzzi will be open, yep.

Fact fans - Ladyhawke is a reference to an 80's film featuring Michelle Pfeiffer and Matthew Broderick, she's a hawk by night, he's a wolf by day and never the two can meet. Amazing.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Show your love for Luella

Who doesn't love Luella??? Here are a few amazing looks from the Spring / Summer 08 catwalk that I will pretend to copy...

The t-shirt obsession is growing and these glasses rock my world:

You can get a skirt like this from topshop...go find

Lovefoxx wore something like this for the Diesel U Music Awards last year - she is the new face for Luella and rightly so:

Sweeney Todd much? (below)

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Maggie - Rocking Topshop

So, after perusing the Lookbook section of Topshop's website I have come to the conclusion that 'Maggie' is the best look for Summer and this is why:

Hmm that skirt will be mine

Bonjour t-shirt, my new obsession

Just divine

All pics from