Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Glastonbury - the best outfits

Anyone who knows me will know that the reason for blog silence is because I have been working on the PR for Glastonbury, I got back yesterday a bit broken and battered. Hopefully normal service will resume now.

Here are some pictures of the best dressed girls in the Orange Chill 'n' Charge tent and VIP area:

Marina from Marina & the Diamonds

Lisa Mitchell

Gabriella Cilmi

Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


So at the moment I'm working so hard that I feel a bit sick, so today between finishing Step Aerobics (hell yeah, kicked my ass) and starting to work, i purchased myself a certain something something from theoutnet.com - a Marc by Marc Jacobs jumpsuit.

Its impending arrival has cheered me up no end! See what you think, when I get it, I'll try it with some killer shoes.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Having browsed one of my favourite blogs Discotheque Confusion this evening while in my sick bed (I have a cold, nothing serious) I stumbled across the photo blog Skullset.
Skullset has been created by Jack Siegel, close friend of Cory Kennedy and general all round scene kid. The photos are split between those taken in NYC and LA, his style reminds me of Ryan McGinley, who he admittedly cites as a big influence on his technique.
Spiegel takes pictures of his close friends who look like the kind of people you want to hang out with - do many people have more fun than this group? I'm not sure, they make me want to live in New York - or just visit.

Facehunter Inspiration

I love the final photo in this post, stolen from the brilliant FaceHunter. Her fringe is to die for and the leather and lace are very Desperately Seeking Susan, perfect!

Amelle, total sugaBABE

Who died and made Amelle from the Sugababes cutting edge? Truth is I have no idea, she's rocking a cracking pair of Alexander McQueen leggings here accessorized with a fresh undercut.

I love it!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Online shopping....

I'm having one of those days when I'm desperately craving Pixie Market but can only afford ASOS. Coincidentally, ASOS is selling some fab brands including the above Michael Kors swimsuit, which is to die for.


ALEX&RA is a fantastic new clothing line created by Alexandra Cipparone, I wish I could say that I found out about ALEX&RA by myself but actually she contacted me herself to let me know about her brand new online shop.

I checked out the shop and the skirts blew me away, Alexandra makes them to fit your exact size, which is brilliant as sometimes you don't know whether your size 10 is the same size ten as someone else. Described by the designer as having 'feminine style and high attention to detail', after running a highly succesful Etsy store, Alexandra has now opened her own shop: alexandracipparone.com and is offering one lucky shopper the chance to win a free custom made skirt.

I took the time to pick some of favourite pieces from the ALEX&RA line, which features two collections, Broadway and Marina. The Broadway collection being her first inspired by her neighbourhood of Pacific Heights, which set out to mimic the architecture specific to Broadway Avenue, which she describes as follows:

The style here is ornate, but refined, a little bit intimidating, but welcoming as well. I tried to mimic these dichotomies in this collection, first and foremost with my choice of materials.

The skirts are made from silk, feature hidden pleats and are accessorized with vintage buttons.

Her second collection Marina, happens to be my favourite, inspired coincidentally by the marina, experimenting with volume, shape and elegance. This is the first of Alexandra's collection to feature dresses.

Without further ado, have a look see at some of my favourite finds below:

Go to the ALEX&RA site for the chance to win your own skirt! I'll be buying one made to measure for sure

Thursday, 4 June 2009

My fave shop gets it sale on

Do believe your eyes, uber fashionable London store Beyond The Valley is hosting an Outlet sale from tomorrow. It is technically a BTV pop up store in Covent Garden, which will be there for 4 weeks between 5 June and 5 July. The shop with stock end of season stock, samples and deadstock from the BTV range and guest ranges.

19 Earlham Street, Seven Dials, London WC2H 9LL, prices start between £5 - £50 and the shop is open between 11-7 Mon - Sat and 12.30 - 5.30 on Sundays.

Im going to get myself down there tomorrow for sure.

On another note, I'm going to put some stuff on eBay tonight including a Beyond The Valley dress so keep coming back to the blog for an update.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Susie Bubble / Hogg-gate

Susie Bubble is the Queen of the fashion blogosphere, whether you like Style Bubble or not you cannot fail to recognise that this girl has done an amazing job at creating the best fashion blog on the web.

I was shocked to read that Pam Hogg's PR (her of legendary catsuit fame) demanded Susie to take down images of her wearing one of PH's catsuits because it was 'bad publicity' for the brand.

Susie looks amazing I hope Susie doesnt get too hurt about these desperately offensive comments.

Maybe its a case of genuine confusion...lets hope so. Dont be sad Susie!

Anna Lou of London competition

Anna Lou of London are celebrating the opening of their brand new shop on Fouberts Place (central London) by offering customers the chance to win a place on the guestlist for the opening party.

I like Anna Lou of London, they are quite like Tatty Devine and create some great sailor accessories as well as engaging in collaborations with people like Laura Lees, Oliver Bonas and Lovely Lovely.

Glad to see the accesories designer is doing so well that she needs to move to a bigger premises.

In case you cant read the picture the question is:

Where is Anna Lou of London's shop moving to?

A. 21 Fouberts Place
B. 21 Yellow Brick Lane
C. 21 Penny Lane

the email to get in touch with is: competition@annalouoflondon.com

The Face to make a comeback?

According to certain media sites Bauer media - owners of Grazia / Heat / More and the like - are set to bring back The Face five years after it unexpectedly closed. Apparently this is set to take the form of a digital only / freesheet or subscription only magazine headed up by former FHM Editor Anthony Noguera.

The Face shaped my youth, it was my favourite magazine throughout University and the loss of it left a massive, gaping hole in the fashion / lifestyle magazine territory.

Remember Justin Timberlake splayed out like Jesus on a crucifix? Or The Face hailing the advent of the New York scene (YYY's, Liars, The Strokes)

Let's hope if it does come back it will be as amazing as before and not an attempt to cash in on the name. I for one, will be closely watching any developments.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Money off...it is the credit crunch after all!

After lamenting the closure of Shop at Maison B (again) today - I recieved an email from Daily Candy, who, by the by, are fantastic at alerting you to sample sales so if you dont already get the email then you shoudl sign up here

Anyway, at the moment they have loads of money off deals including 25% off the brilliant Candystore Collective (i dont know if they are connected at all)who stock lots of great new designers.

Maybe a good place to start in my sorroful 'I miss Shop at Maison B' days