Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Shoe Lust

Shoe Lust returns!I am 100% obsessed with Queen Michelle, of Kingdom of Style fame, generally and this outfit is truly great. The winklepickers are from Underground London and come in at £68, they look a bit Jonathan Kelsey dontcha think?

I'm back by the way blog readers (if there are any left after my dismal blogs of late)


Sunday, 17 May 2009


A slightly confusing new website has been created for fashionistas like you, me and all of our friends. I have been reading about it and from what I can gather the way it works is by searching for an item of clothing that you are after. So you put in 'tops' and 'yellow' for example and they bring up all of the yellow tops within their bank of shops, alternatively you can also search by shop/label/brand.

Once you have picked what you are after you can then go through to their site and buy it, so basically it is an online fashion store aggregator for those who are after something quite specific. Thing is, this website isnt confusing at all, its actually a really good idea.

Rye Rye in the house

the fantastic Baltimore rapper Rye Rye touched down in the UK and I managed to catch her playing a show at London's best hip hop club YoYo at Notting Hill Arts Club. For those who have not heard of Rye Rye, she is Ryeishea 'Rye Rye' Berrain, currently signed to Interscope records. Signed to M.I.A's record label N.E.E.T and has two songs available on iTunes both of which she makes guest appearances on other tracks including Diplo's Wassup Wassup nd Hardcore GIrls by The Count and Sinden. She first played London when she appeared at the Dazed & Confused Carnival Party last summer.

Carrie Cassette Playa Mundane and Afrikan Boy were in the audience at YoYo representing the fashion scene (yeah, I'm not urban enough to say things like that, fact!) Check her out at -

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Guy Bourdin Exhibition

Unseen Guy Bourdin, a collection of 32 of the late Parisien's pieces, are being shown for the first time outside the context of the Estate Guy Bourdin at the Wapping Project in London. A mixture of fashion editorials, adverts and private commissions, what also sets the exhibition apart is that the pictures have been printed in a larger size (roughly 43 1/2 by 60 inches) than their original showcase of fashion magazines (Bourdin never exhibited within his lifetime) and have been made from the original transparencies by legendary New York printer Pascal Dangin. They are for sale, although at about 20 grand a pop, there'll be a lot of people who are just window shopping (including me!)

I adore Bourdin, cant wait to check it out

Kate Moss / Damien Hurst TAR Cover

Wowser Ms Moss even looks hot with half her face off - good old Damien Hurst has designed the cover of this bi-annual art mag and it looks pretty amazing.

Further features include pieces on Spike Jonze, Phillippe Stark, Ryan McGinley and others. You can purchase the new issue now at colette or online if you cant pop over to gay Paris

Monday, 4 May 2009

McQ Autumn / Winter 2009

The lovely Alistair from McQ invited me to attend their most recent press day for the McQ Autumn Winter 2009 collection and boy was I impressed. It certainly shows how forward thinking a brand is when they invite bloggers to check out their brand new collections, with blogs being able to get information quickly and effectively to a great number of fashion fans.

I was so impressed with the collection, bearing in mind that this is McQ's younger and more accessible (ie affordable) collection it is absolutely perfect for me. In a few words I would describe this collection as 'very La Roux' and can honestly say I adore every single part of it. Here are some of my crap pictures I took of the clothes on display.

Here are some looks from the lookbook, starting with my very favourite look, the blazer and dress are just perfect together, super smart work attire for the fashionista

Each person attending the press day was given a McQ canvas tote featuring an Autumn Winter 09 lookbook and a CD especially created for the collection by Unkle.

I will certainly be buying a good few pieces from this collection as soon as it hits Net-A-Porter, thanks Alistair!

Why I love

You may have noticed that I have added a application to the right hand side of my blog, in short its because I'm obsessed with the site. For those who do not already know about the website it refers to itself as 'an international experiment in style', inspired by street style blogs like The Sartorialist, which amass thousands of hits per day, the site gives you the opportunity to upload your looks every day, vote or 'hype' up the photos you like and in turn this gives the good looks better 'karma' and builds people's reputation as stylists.

It's an invite only community, so you need to email the site to see when invites become available. What I like about the site is that you can see where people have been getting their clothes from, so if you check out the UK looks and see something that you want to get your hands on you can see where its from.

There are also brand tags so, for example you can check out all of the looks that are wearing a particular label such as A.P.C. Overall the site is truly inspiring, created by a girl and a gent from San Francisco, the looks inspire me everyday, long live

Below are some of my favourite looks from the U.K.