Thursday, 11 November 2010 video extravaganza

If you have never been to BUG, I would strongly recommend it, there are a few tickets let for the Ninja Tune show tomorrow (Friday), celebrating 20 years of Ninja Tune records.

Public Enemy!

I do love BLAG magazine, this should be really cool on Sunday

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Tight fit

Chic feed has made me even more obsessed with than ever before, these tights have caught my eye and would you believe that they are from River Island! I know.

9.99 from the River Island website, you can get them here

River Island have a fantastic range of hosiery, not only do they stock the House of Holland Pretty Polly ranges but also their own innovative designs.

It's taken quite some time for the Rihanna / Lily Allen suspenders on show (fake or otherwise) to hit the high street...

In other tights news, the Daily Mail have reported that the Cheryl Cole effect has sent sales of luxury tights soaring after she wore £32 Wolford Bondage tights in her latest video for Promise This.

I dont think i'll be shelling out for them personally

Thursday, 23 September 2010

New favourite iphone app...Chic Feed

I've just activated my iphone4 (finally) and gots myself a whole new set of apps - yes some are calorie counters and booze intake counters (essentials!) but my favourite is Chic Feed, which takes pics from, FaceHunter, Jak and Jill, Cherry Blossom Girl and altamira and creates a photo feed.

To download the app go here

There is also a blog version here

Lara Stone on the cover of French Vogue

The Stone's beauty knows no bounds

New In from A Wear

I'm a bit in love with this grey tulip dress - £45

H&M Online store....

It seems to have taken ages for H&M to launch an online store, its probably one of H&Ms best ideas as many of their shops are over crowded and don't showcase the products as well as they could.

Do you think the H&M x Lanvin collection will be online? It will be interesting to see how they deal with that - similar to Kate Moss for Topshop probably, which means waking up at the crack of dawn to log on.

Here's H&M's teaser video for the H&M x Lanvin collection, I'm really excited to see how this evolves.

Bleach London - opening tomorrow

Bleach London, a brand new hair salon collective is opening at WAH Nails tomorrow (Friday 24th September) run by Alex Brownsell who has been hearalded by LOVE Magazine as 'London’s premier crazy colour expert’. She has taken her HeartBreak Hair salon from her flat and out to the streets of Dalston.

Colours available include; Swampy, Blue Lagoon, White Knuckle, Cheeky Vimto, De ja Blue and Berocca Rinse, tells you that this is something that stands out against anything as boring as Blonde, and Brunette.

The time has come for HeartBreak Hair to move on. Two new(ish) proper hairdressing chairs have been installed in the back of Dalston’s finest salon, WAH. Posters will adorn the walls and you’ll walk out the door with a decent hair cut and a proper (well) colour, instead of having a tigers worth of cat hair on your clothes and a broken spine from leaning over the bath.

Colour from £50, cuts from £45, the hair colour menu is below, you can check out the website here

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

I heart these boots

Opening Ceremony and H&M respectively and both instore this week (OC on ASOS) rather than on the high street I believe.

Guess which is more expensive, yep you got it...

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Illamasqua Dark Angel film...

You may remember a couple being brutally attacked by a group of youths in 2007 because of their alternative style. Illamasqua have created a film to remember Sophie Lancaster, the girl who died that day.

It's so important to express your individuality whether via clothes or otherwise, Illamasqua create make up that allows you to stand out from the crowd so it is only right that they would support a charity that promotes self expression such as the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Their aim is to fundraise for this charity by selling the Sophie pencil and bracelet, so check them out

Topshop drop the LEXI

There's two bits of exciting news about Topshop at the moment, the first being that they have unveiled they key shoe shape for AW10/11 which is the block heel, here's a pic of the Lexi style as an example. These cost £70 and are online now

The second bit of news is this!


For SS11 the Topshop Show Space will be the Old Eurostar Terminal, Waterloo Station, SE1.

Continuing Topshop's support of the British fashion industry, new designers showing in the Topshop Show Space for SS11 will include the first solo show from Michael Van Der Ham and Peter Pilotto. Topshop is also delighted to welcome back Meadham Kirchhoff, Richard Nicoll and Mary Katrantzou, and will be hosting the Fashion East 10th anniversary show.

Topshop Unique will return for its twentieth season, created by Topshop's in-house design team.

For the first time, customers will be available to watch all the shows from the Topshop Show Space *live* on, alongside unparalleled behind-the-scenes footage.
Additionally, the Oxford Circus store will be screening the shows in 3-D, bringing customers closer than ever before.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Poorly Ill

So the boy took me to Start and corrupted my mind into buying a new Acne dress, oopsie, love him

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Two very different Daisy Lowe videos

Greg Williams for esquire...

Daisy Lowe for UK esquire HD from Greg Williams on Vimeo.

Daisy Lowe for Palladium boots / Vice

Palladium Authenticity - Daisy Lowe from Palladium on Vimeo.

I'm sure my sister had some boots like that back in the day, I probably wear them in black...

Fluokids = sexy ladies

French blog Fluokids always has the most beautiful pictures of girls, taken from a range of different sources including

Here's my favourite from this week, the post is entitled For Fuck's Sake...i'm thinking more ffs why dont I look like that?

Nailed it...

I'll be the first to say that generally, I have gross nails, gross in the way that the varnish is either chipped, or the nails are stained from lashings of Chanel varnish which has been left on for too long.

When an invite went round for a mani with Marian Newman,who is a world renowned nail artist...if you dont believe me check out the below biog, I simply could not turn it down.

Her session work is a major part of Marian’s life, having become the name that famous photographer Nick Knight calls upon to do his Dior, Lancome and Vogue shoots. Working closely with Sam McKnight, Val Garland and many others, Marian now commands an unrivalled position in her industry and is one of the few top nail practitioners whose work is seen in glossy magazines around the world virtually every week. She has worked with most of the legendary photographers, including Mario Testino, David Bailey and Patrick Demarchelier.

Some career highlights in this field are over 50 British Vogue covers to her name (plus many 100’s covers and editorial stories) and 10 years of working on every advertising campaign for Christian Dior. More recently, she created the nails on all the ‘Interlude’ films for Lady Gaga’s Monster Tour.

I went for Wildfire Shellac nails, which to you and me is red nail varnish that with the aid of Shellac technology remains on your nails for 2-3 weeks. Shellac is half nail varnish / half gel and unlike BioGel doesn't damage your nails underneath.

My friend Sam also had Minx nails - in fact she had a prototype design which is unable as yet.

Thanks Marian! My nail varnish remains unchipped for a 2nd day, its a miracle

Monday, 26 July 2010

Marks and WOWSERS

My sis just sent me a link to the Autumn Winter collection from Marks & Spencer with the subject 'Oh god', having squealed on opening the email, I came to two conclusions, one we're a pretty dramz pair and two the new collection from Marks & Spencer is stunning,

Shearling jacket? Check! Bit of goth? Totes! Leather military? Of course.

Having bought some Marni inspired shoes from M&S recently, no really, I for one cant wait to do a trolley dash. Check out the IStyle website for more details of stock dates and just for a good old perv.

Friday, 23 July 2010

The Guardian discuss comfy footwear

Today's Guardian investigates the new uber cool NYC trend...the comfy shoe. HOLD THE PHONE.

Shoe trends are predictable in their randomness. While the general tide of footwear fashion flows in one direction, there will always be one rebel shoe that heroically bucks the trend. It can be hard to predict what the style will be, but the unwritten rule is that it must be defiantly ugly and practical.

Right now, the Worishofer is that shoe. An orthopaedic demi-wedge with a cork sole born 70 years ago in the Bavarian spa town of Bad W├Ârishofen, it is currently enjoying popularity in the trendier enclaves of downtown Manhattan.

So are these about to take the baton from the UGG (gross) and the BIrkenstock (smelly) for the latest comfy IT shoe? I'd totally rock them.

The bad news? They arent available in the UK as yet, the good news? Chloe Sevigny and Maggie Gyllenhaal have worn them so there will be copies on the high street in...oh, a month?

Marc Jacobs Fragrance Launch: BANG

I love the piccies from last night's MJ frangrance launch for BANG his new perfume. Even the ice cubes said BANG - such a cool touch.

Should we be looking out for newbie Eliza Doolitle who looks pretty cool in her cut off tights?

Pics below from InStyle

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Awesome birthday presents part two

The crew bought me some Alexander Wang sunglasses I KNOW, mental and amazing

A bit obsessed...Sleigh Bells

My friend Franny introduced me to an NY band called Sleigh Bells a few months back, since then I havent had the album Treatz out of my ears. The Guardian describe them as the "Kylie and Jason of extreme noise terror" (amaze). Part riot grrrl part noise band the duo are playing the Lexington soon, alas its sold out so if anyone wants to sneak me in via their trenchcoat i'll gladly oblige.

Oh and the girl looks pretty ace right? Check out an interview they did with Dazed Digital

They make me want to go to New York (and get tattoos).

I'm back!

Yep you heard, I lent my computer to a friend for three months but now its back! I did have a minor heart attack when it wouldnt switch on earlier but all's good in the hood.

It was my birthday on Monday and I was totally spoilt as usual (yesss), finally got my hands on - or got on my hand - a Dominic Jones ring, now I understand those programmes on Channel 5 about being in love with inanimate objects, probably not going to touch in inappropriately though. Its the one on the bottom fyi.

I also might have bought myself this delish Acne denim jacket from the sample sale a few weeks back SWOON

oh and some more Acne bits from the Libertys and Matches sales respectively, no wonder I'm broke

Like I said, inanimate object love

Monday, 10 May 2010

Foals play tonight at Electric Ballroom, Camden

They are simply amazing - buy their album!

Marni & Current/Elliot collaborate

As soon as I read about these I knew I had to have a proper look, a collaboration by fashion super house Marni and ace denim brand Current/Elliot. Expect low slung loose number to hit the shops very soon

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

YMC - you must create

I have to admit not knowing much about YMC until a store cropped up on Poland Street in London, which is just near my office. A guy in the office told me 'it was good if you like dressing like a bloke' which didnt really make me want to go in much. HOW WRONG HE WAS!!!

Have you seeeeen the stuff on Asos? I want these two things and I am terrified YMC are going to bankrupt me massively!

Antipodium, I think I love you

I don't think I have ever seen anyone persevere more with than the lovely lady I sit next to at work. Having seen a pair of Antipodium shorts in a recent Observer Magazine she tracked them down on and stalked the site until they came back into took three weeks, but now they are on their way and she's going to have kittens when they arrive!

This is what I most love about fashion, seeing something and knowing it has to be yours because said item is the most amazing thing you have ever seen.

Taking her lead, I decided to check out the Antipodium stock on asos and it is simply delicious, here are some things I want - including the shorts - which I think I'll give a miss to avoid any work fights!

I'm selling things on Ebay!

I have posted about other people selling stuff on eBay before and hope that has been useful! Now, I'm selling some bits that I have never worn and have been too rubbish to return to the shops (I know, seriously!). So at the moment there are only two things up on the page, which are:

Smack underwear grey spandex dress - did someone say Underwear as Outerwear? Yep. This is a seriously, seriously amazing dress but again just doesn't fit me.It fits like a medium and the cup size is around a B/C I would have though - although my eye judging is not as good as the Rigby and Peller lady who can fit me in a blink of an eye. So good for summer.

Acne extreme stripe jersey dress in black and white size Medium - I'm 5 foot 4 and this is just far too long and slightly too big on the waist but it is GORGEOUS and the only reason I haven't returned it is because they have sold out of size Small.

I'm going to add more stuff soon - need to get the camera out and get uploading. So keep coming back and if you like what you see above then please bid as I need more clothes and the only object is cold hard cash : )

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Monday, 12 April 2010

Ooh you lucky things

You can get 20% off at Tatty Devine now to celebrate 10 years of Tatty Devine with this voucher - go forth and quote the discount code!