Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Les Queues de Sardines

They say:
Les Queues de Sardines, a registered trademark of the m + o studio, is offering an original range of stockings and tights notable for their unconventional and unique graphic style. Add a pinch of narrative humor - the result is a choice of elegant and unusual models that will dress up your legs with an unusual stylish and elegant pattern. Screen-printed by hand in limited quantities, these rare and exclusive articles will never go unnoticed.

I say:

We all know that the Chanel tattoos are going to have a waiting list as long as a very long arm so you might as well carve your own path and wear some tights that do the same thing. These amazing tights are screen printed and limited edition, you can get them from Fortnum & Mason - go seek.

Obsessed with Kat Dennings....

I don't know what has happened to me, one minute I was nursing a hangover at work, the next minute I'm in the bath reading Grazia thinking about exfoliating. WHAT A GIRL, anyway, now the night is getting progressively more girly as I sit in my pyjamas watching Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist with a Dyptique for company.

So anyway, the film reminds me of my massive girl crush on Kat Dennings, the 22 year old actress who started her career in Sex & the City as a rich jewish girl who employed Samantha to PR her bar mitzvah - I didnt see that actually. Kat has been a blogger since 2001, she doesnt smoke, drink or take drugs or have a boyfriend. By rights, she shouldn't be someone I think is super cool.

She looks loads like Daisy Lowe and worships at the temple of the red lipstick, much like myself plus we have the same Agent Provocateur body, this means we can be friends right?

Did I mention she's pretty funny too?

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Summer Camp - Obsessed with this band

Summer Camp are a new pretty anonymous band that have been causing a stir amongst those in the know. They are a boy girl duo who sound a bit like Chairlift but better, there are no pictures of them on their myspace which you can find under the mysteriously named www.myspace.com/morganwaves myspace site.

The Guardian say:

They're as slippery as they are seemingly shy, this Summer Camp pair. They fit in or flit in and out of various categories: the new surf-rock of the Drums, the C86-ish indie-pop of Pains of Being Pure at Heart, the girl group revivalism of Vivian Girls ... There are elements in their lush lo-fi moments of chillwave, with some of the crackly intimacy of Perfume Genius. "If Washed Out offer the comedown from the utopian gauzy beach party," wrote one blogger, "then Summer Camp are the band who played the prom the night before, peppier than their morning-after bedfellows."

They love synth pop and so do I so I'll be keeping a close eye on their developments, I suggest you do too. Moshi Moshi will be releasing their debut single in March.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Weardrobe 100

Susie Bubble tweeted about Weardrobe 100 a few weeks ago and I instantly fell in love with the street style compilation taken from fashion blogs across the world. Below are some of my favourite images and blogs to look out for:

Alma Luna - www.Venus-In-Furs.blogspot.com (Paris)

Krystal - www.thistimetomorrow-krystal.blogspot.com

MIss Pandora - misspandora.fr

Emma Hearts emmahearts.tumblr.com

Ricarda wichundundkatze.blogspot.com

This site makes me aspire to wear much better outfits!

Oh Hi Johnny!


Rihanna So Hard

This video is rocking my world, sorry for the terrible quality

CHOO 24:7

So, I personally wear Jimmy Choo's 247, oh hang on a minute THAT WAS A DREAM. I'm not usually a fan of Jimmy Choo's as they remind me too much of the faux adoration amongst Sex & The City fans. Harsh? True!

Anyway, I was told about the CHOO 24:7 collection so thought i'd check them out and lo and behold, I found a pair that I have become a bit obsessed with.

If you do love Jimmy Choos I suggest hot footing it over to the website for a video hosted by Tamara Mellon about the collection. They also have a facebook and Twitter page.

Swell Vintage

The lovely fashion blogger and jewellery designer Frankie has set up a brand new website - swell-vintage.com

Frankie creates beautiful vintage jewellery as well as writing a fashion blog and writing for Queens of Vintage. Here are some pics from Frankie's first ever shoot - hot stuff!

I have also posted some of my favourite items from Frankie's online shop, I particularly love the jewellery that has the colour green incorporated into it as it reminds me of Mawi - a much more affordable and vintage Mawi. What's better than that?

A Mammoth Topshop post

There is so much going on at Topshop at the moment, the press office must be exhausted so here goes...

Louise Goldin shoe collection, I'm v late on this one but the Goldin/Topshop shoe collab drops instore on 5th February. I want the black ones please Mummy

Topshop Edit pop up boutique hits the Oxford Circus shop on 7th February bringing together loads of fab new designers including Tophop residents KTZ, check out their collection below:

FINALLY, Jonathan Saunders' new collection for Topshop hits stores this week, wooo.

Geometric shapes and block colours run throughout this five-piece collection. A denim pencil skirt and matching cropped strapless basque are in panelled denim dyed in three different jean colours. They work perfectly when worn together, and can also be styled to great effect apart. A geometric devore grid design runs down the full length of a black body-conscious full-length dress, a sweatshirt and a loose-fitting jersey tee, great for relaxed urban living.

Check out the images below

Pixie Market

I know I often update you all about my love for Pixie Market, well, I'm only going to do it again - please turn away if you don't like gratuitous PM praise.

The mailout never fails to catch my eye, today they have led with the 'Chunky Hoodie Knit', however, after my splurge in the Carin Wester online store I can't really justify buying yet another chunky knit - sad but true!

Lots of the clothes in the Pixie Market online store sells out pretty quickly, one garment that is yet to sell out (watch this space) is the Elohim by Sabrina Goh Zipper Knee Pants, which look fabulous and are made from stretch jersey.

Its the styling on Pixie Market which really makes the clothes stand out, very New York - the store is on Stanton Street in NYC - the girl are impeccably accessorised, styled and coiffed.

There we go, no more PM for a while, I promise.

Carin Wester I <3 U

Observer Woman (RIP) were bigging up Carin Wester as 'the new Acne' in this weekend's edition. I was reading the mag in bed last night and started googling on my iPhone from my pillow.

Of course, by now I have bought a piece. A small selection of her clothes are on sale at Urban Outfitters website. However, she currently has a 50% off sale on her own site www.carinwester.com which I really recommend. I picked up the Katrin sweater from the above picture and CANNOT WAIT for it to arrive. Prices are in SEK which is Swedish Krona so don't be put off when you see the large numbers, I used .xe to convert the currency to GBP and the prices have proved a steal.

Below is some blurb about Carin, she's going to be your new favourite:

Carin Wester graduated 1998, from Beckman’s School of Design and started her own brand Carin Wester in 2003.

Since the launching of the brand, Carin has been nominated for Nöjesguidens fashion award (2004) and achieved the prize as newcomer of the year by Elle (2004) for her design. Carin was also nominated as the Designer of the year by Elle (2005) and just recently she was nominated by Ernst & Young as Entrepreneur of the year 2008.

Today, her collection consists of a female line (Carin Wester), a male line(Wester) and the limited and handmade line (W). The collections are sold in several stores in Sweden, as well as in stores in Denmark, Finland, Norway, England, Germany, France, USA, Canada and Japan.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Bunny Lake -1994

Director's JMD have made a video for electro pop starlet Bunny Lake and it looks ace so I thought i'd share.

Is that Holly Fulton she's wearing round her neck?

Sunday, 10 January 2010


Regular readers will know that I love nothing more than a nice Sunday read of Sunday Times Style, today Natalie Hartley - who does a page every week on how to wear certain things (today is metallic) is wearing some gems as usual. One of the items credited on the page is a rather beautiful blue and gold cardigan from Awear.

Online fashion retailer Awear seems to be cropping up in lots of magazines at the moment so I decided to check it out....and now I am obsessed, here are some of my favourite bits...

PVC Cream two tone bag - £16

Scoop Neck Ditzy Print Blouse - £20

Stripe Cardigan with Gold Buttons - £20

Oversize Rose Print Tulip Skirt £25

If anyone has every bought from Awear I am really interested to hear about the garment quality, failing that I might have to make a purchase myself, what a shame!

Zip HEadband - £8 (WANT)

When Facehunter came to London

Facehunter has been out and about in London all weekend, he has capture a few boys and girls on the streets, more pertinently Yvan seems to have picked up on a fur microtrend - both faux and real. I am digging out my Gran's old fur stole as I soon as I put the computer down!

Monday, 4 January 2010

The papers predict the trends

Evening Standard's Predictions:

Underwear as Outerwear
DIY Fashion
Men In Women's Clothes
Socks On Show
Indoor Leathers
Nostalgic Bling

Well yes, we hear you Evening Standard, underwear as outerwear has been rocking it for a while, from Lily Allen and all with their stockings on show and 50s style corset tops from What Katie Did have also been prominent for the past few months.

As for Men In Women's Clothes, trendhunter.com has been spotting some Japanese chaps in dresses last Autumn, as for Socks On Show, I love this one but more on boys than girls. Indoor leathers - apparently Phoebe Phile has designed a sexy black leather t shirt, WANT. Nostalgic bling? Glad I got my Moschino from eBay early.

The Independent do 'the freshest look for the new season'

Underwear as outerwear (natch)
Candy colours
Sports luxe

I love a good floral especially printed on denim a la New Look SS10, candy colours and frills are not very me but I did see a lot of them at the Miss Selfridge press day - reminiscent of Florence when she does her fairy tale look. Sports luxe is good for the super skinny but one I'll be avoiding.

Sunday Times Style Loves Yoon

The PLT pages in Sunday Times Style wrote about London 'girl about town' Yoon yesterday, saying that she had been spotted looking fierce at parties around and about the capital.

I managed to find a picture of Yoon on the Clones site, she works for Ambush jewellery apparently. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled around the city for her.

Alexa models for Pepe Jeans

She looks sexy as always

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Well hello there...

I'm back from a winter of discontent -or a massive December workload! I have missed blogging so much and felt terribly guilty for not keeping up for my blog.

Anyway, sale purchase of the century had to be... the Stella McCartney houndstooth wool blazer as pictured below, down from £1,115 to £250 in Selfridges, with the aid of some Selfridges vouchers from one of my client I managed not to part with too much cash to purchase it! Did you know they did Stella McCartney scented candles now? Me neither, they smell delish.