Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Guy Bourdin Exhibition

Unseen Guy Bourdin, a collection of 32 of the late Parisien's pieces, are being shown for the first time outside the context of the Estate Guy Bourdin at the Wapping Project in London. A mixture of fashion editorials, adverts and private commissions, what also sets the exhibition apart is that the pictures have been printed in a larger size (roughly 43 1/2 by 60 inches) than their original showcase of fashion magazines (Bourdin never exhibited within his lifetime) and have been made from the original transparencies by legendary New York printer Pascal Dangin. They are for sale, although at about 20 grand a pop, there'll be a lot of people who are just window shopping (including me!)

I adore Bourdin, cant wait to check it out

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Jessica Turnbow said...

I love Guy Bourdin...it's a shame he is no longer around :(