Friday, 24 July 2009

Brings a whole new meaning to fashion forward

After blogging about the flashmob for the brand new Chanel film yesterday I was immediately followed by Chanel on Twitter - not actually the House of Chanel you understand but some web bot style twitterer which aggregates every Chanel item for sale on the internet. If you're are interested in checking it out you can find it here:

My stream of conscious then reminded me that I hadn't blogged about the brand new Net-A-Porter iPhone App, once downloaded you can buy things from your iPhone - which is pretty obvious but pretty freaking dangerous when you are fed up on the bus. If, like me, your budget does not stretch to NAP style prices then you can have a good old window shop - should that be new fangled screen shop? You can also check out their magazine, email people who have more money than you pictures of things you like (a slightly more subtle way of saying BUY ME THIS)and create your own wish list for when you become mega rich.

They'll be adding new items and content every Monday and Wednesday, so even more reason to check it out frequently. You can get it from the iTunes App shop.

Other good fashion iPhone Apps include's App which includes pictures from fashion shows, Style File blogs, couture shows, fashion reviews, and even video feeds. Also, Chanel have a great one - I found a great description of it on TotallyHer so i thought I'd paste it below:

You can get news, photos, videos, and product information from one of the biggest names in fashion. You can watch fashion shows, see the latest offerings from the Chanel line, access an RSS feed of Chanel’s news, and check a store locator if you just have to have whatever item you just saw. So far Chanel is the only fashion company to release an app like this, and there’s no news yet if others will follow. The Chanel iPhone App is free from the App Store.

So fashion has gone totally heard it here first

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