Sunday, 6 December 2009

New Look Press Day

I have been speaking to the lovely Daniel and Helen from the New Look online press office about the Idol range and the brand's upcoming collections. I was delighted to be invited to the New Look SS10 Press Day last Thursday, the atmosphere was really relaxed and the clothes were displayed in an easy to view way.

I am not a fashion journalist, so going to these press days can sometimes be intimidating but not this one, which I was grateful for!

So I took some terrible pictures on my iPhone, but Daniel assures me that the electronic press kit will be available soon so I can post some better images, however I did want to share some trends coming through for SS10, so here goes!

The clothes at Idol were, again, more rock and roll with lots of dark colours and embellishment so don't throw out your studs in Spring because they will be around for a while yet. There will be more Idol piccies posted in the different trends section, however, below is an idea of the direction their accessories and shoes are going in

Aren't these boots great? The highest bag is a homage to the Miu Miu studded pouch bag that is currently very popular (and v expensive!) So yeah, these are all on the list!

There were a few maxi dresses on show but this was by far my favourite, it reminds me of a global hypercolour dress my sister had in the nineties - not sure I'd team it with that bolero but you get the drift

Printed Denim
By far my favourite piece from the whole day, these jeans are floral printed denim and perfect for Spring/Summer

From lace adorned denim to studded jeans, the collections were all heavily embellished with interesting design flourishes. I love the black dress from the Idol collection with the metal ring detail, it reminds me of Christopher Kane's MA collection - a definite must have.

The accessories varied to match the collections, whilst there were studs and sequins on some bags, others featured more intricate leather work and lighter colours.

So there you have it, more pictures to follow when the electronic press kit comes through, thanks to Sam for her holding clothes up skills!


Sarah said...

Loved so much here - great Mark Fast style cobweb knits and I even fell in love with the campest pink dress ever!

What are you going to get with your voucher?

Taylor said...

wooooooooow i LOVE that maxi dress!! very josh goot-esque!

SamYeah? said...

sans probleme! You neglected to mention the quality of the canape's we inhaled. EMBELLISHMENT & INDIGESTION.

Ties said...

Yeh the boots are great!!I love that shirt 2!it looks really nice