Monday, 8 February 2010

A bit obsessed with Rika

I just can't help being drawn to all clothes of a Swedish origin at the moment, its like some sort of addiction. First Acne, then Karin Wester and now Rika. I have to thank my friend Steve for drawing my attention to the label as he has just created the rather fabulous new website for Shop At Bluebird -who stock the brand. Check out the TSAB website by the way, its gorge!

The Shop at Bluebird say the following about Rika:
Rika’s unique rock ’n’ roll style has been an absolute stormer this season and for Spring Summer 2010 see it go on to even bigger and better things. We love so much we have managed to get the team to kick off London Fashion week with a great party to launch the RIKA pop up shop at TSAB.

They even asked her a few questions:

If you could have any gift from the shop at Bluebird what would it be?
Anything from the collection of John Derian and a Striped Alexander Wang T-shirt.

What’s up for SS1O?
Launch of the second issue of Rika Magazine, great collaborations and lots of Tie die which everyone can check out in the Shop At Bluebird to boost your spring wardrobe!!!

So there we go, I am going to pop to the party and try not to break the bank (don't tell the bf, he'll tell me off!)

So here's a bit of background, Rika is actually Ulrika Lundgren who was previously an interior stylist for the likes of Elle Deco and Casa Vogue.

After an epiphany in Morocco - all I got there was food poisoning, gut - she has started to create bags and a clothes line, of which the likes of Carine Roitfeld and Alexa Chung are big fans.

All of the material used for the bags is handcrafted, chemical free leather and canvas. She's a rock chick at heart and regularly teams leopard print cashmere with biker jackets.

For that reason she gets two thumbs up from me, and probably some of my spending money.

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