Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Fashion Appz

I love Springwise - the trends mailout I get every week - mainly because the items included are really clever.

Today they feature an article about a brand new fashion forecasting App called Trendstop. I love an App too, only today I downloaded one that counts all of the calories I eat in a day - yeah, its not nice!

Trend forecasters can charge a lot of money for yearly predictions (around $4000 a year for analysis) Trendstop now have a free iPhone (Android and Blackberry) App which lets you monitor the latest looks from catwalks and the like. According to Springwise:

Coverage includes daily trend reports, news and photos from fashion shows from around the world, and runway schedules and event guides.

Check out the App here Great idea!

Mad Men Barbies

I loved play with Barbies, in fact, I reckon I played with them until I was leeetle too old. That's why I heart these Mad Men barbies, you see.

Please may I have some Mr Louboutin

Paper back eye-ter...oh that didnt work

Cardboard design agency Paperself have branched out (natch) into paper eyelashes which come in finve designs. Each representing different Chinese symbols peach blossom for love, horses for success, peonies for happiness - there are two more too.

You can get smaller versions for your lower lashes, find them at Luna and Curious on Brick Lane

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Laura Marling

...I love you with brown hair

Monday, 15 March 2010

David James - Out of Print

I'm really keen to see some more exhibitions, so when I read about the brand new David James 'Out of Print' exhibition I just had to drop it in a post. The former AnOther Man and current AnOther creative director has put together this digital exhibition - Exhibiting mixed media works by acclaimed creative director David James in chronological order, the show illustrates a considered engagement with technology within James’s design practice, particularly in relation to the fashion advertising campaigns for Prada.

From what I can gather this is an interesting look at how advertising has evolved to catch up with digital innovations - hence why the exhibition is a limited oeriod web based show:

“As digital media becomes the dominant media, I want this exhibition to mark the beginning of a new way of working for the studio. Our practice is no longer focused on two-dimensional representations, but all possible dimensions” – David James

The McQueen campaign will be featured as well as Dior and Prada work click here to take a look the show opens March 16 and closes on 1st May 2010

Swatch This!

Always wanted a Toy Watch but could never afford one? Swatch have come to your rescue. The Swatch Chrono plastic range is available mid March and are a steal at £71 per watch.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Viktor & Rolf at PFW

Twitter was on fire with Viktor & Rolf tweets, model Kristen McMenary walked out onto the catwalk wearing layers of clothing which were three times her body weight. Viktor & Rolf then came onstage to remove one piece of clothing at a time, dressing other models in the individual items.

Kristen was stripped down to her nude bodysuit and V&R started the process again.

Viktor & Rolf say
"This time around, we want to show that something can be both wearable and extreme at the same time. It goes beyond a mere idea; it is literally ready for production." say
Ultimately, you can't help thinking this show will be remembered more for the spectacle than the clothes.

Check out my new kicks

So comfortable! So fun

Off to LA

The boy and I are off to LA in a couple of weeks. I've been before but not for a while when I was a student at UCLA, let me know if you have any shopping tips or must sees!

In the meantime, I thought i'd create a montage or my favourite Los Angeles looks from

The BAFTAs outfit

The BAFTAs are over, which mean I chose a dress - it was one I already owned - and I got my hair did.

I thought i'd show you the rubbish pics I took below.

Big thanks to Pimps & Pinups for the hair do, interestingly it lasted two days (I slept with it in) so I got to go to the i-D Christopher Kane Party at Shoreditch House with a hot hairdo.

Tropical plant not included!

Extremely shaky picture taken in my 5 minutes I got to dash back to the hotel and change pre- BAFTA dinner and party..

Unfortunately the Acne dress was too big so I have to send it ack - quite nervous I've left it too long now, eek.