Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Fashion Appz

I love Springwise - the trends mailout I get every week - mainly because the items included are really clever.

Today they feature an article about a brand new fashion forecasting App called Trendstop. I love an App too, only today I downloaded one that counts all of the calories I eat in a day - yeah, its not nice!

Trend forecasters can charge a lot of money for yearly predictions (around $4000 a year for analysis) Trendstop now have a free iPhone (Android and Blackberry) App which lets you monitor the latest looks from catwalks and the like. According to Springwise:

Coverage includes daily trend reports, news and photos from fashion shows from around the world, and runway schedules and event guides.

Check out the App here Great idea!

1 comment:

danaowens said...

I hope it will be a long running show, that’ll be shown in many different countries!

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