Saturday, 26 April 2008

The net-a-porter effect

Anyone who picked up The Guardian's weekend magazine yesterday will have seen the Marni sandal led women's fashion feature, a feature so beautifully styled that it sent me into a bit of a platform frenzy. Google Marni platforms today and the first thing that will come up is the most disappointing Net-A-Porter page one could ever see, that's right, the SOLD OUT emblazoned, heart breakingly, gut wrenchingly, bare page of woe.

Don't get me wrong, I have never bought anything from Net-a-porter, the £10 delivery charge would pretty much break my bank. However, one day I hope I can go out and make a whimsical purchase from there - lets hope that by the time I pluck up the courage to buy something I won't see 'the page'. Shopping on the internet is so instant and guilt free, there was even an article in last week's Sunday TImes Style about online shopping addicts who are finding spending £400 on a pair of Marnis super easy simply because they do not experience check out guilt...

I imagined tribes of fashionable ladies picking up a Guardian supplement over their mint tea, falling in love with said shoes and clicking the proceed to checkout button yesterday morning. I'm quite jealous but also quite glad I haven't book marked NAP. I for one need checkout guilt to keep me on the (almost) straight and narrow in terms of my finances and long may that guilt rein.

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