Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Teenagers In Tokyo

Last night the boy and I popped along to check out latest buzz band (i hate that phrase a bit) Teenagers In Tokyo. Recently scoring themselves an NME Radar piece (high praise indeed), the band are signed to Gossip's label Back Yard.

Teenagers In Tokyo are four girls and boy, the girls met in school where they formed a band in their art class - how very conceptual. They make music that makes you want to dance, with a splash of synths, some intricate fret work, frenetic drumming and a lead singer who wails and screeches in a fantastic way. Very Vampire and End It Tonight are great tracks, you can listen to them on their myspace

Did I mention they were super fashionable and very sexy?

Last night leadsinger Samantha Lim was wearing a black pleated dress resplendent with a long gold necklace holding a gold set of teeth designed by NLYM favourite Emma Franklin

I would like a teeth necklace, when I get a photo of them i'll show you all.

Here's what the biography says...

Witness their self-titled E.P. produced by Jono Ma from the Lost Valentinos and Knife Machine.
’End it Tonight’ and ‘Very Vampyr’ are stylistically happy, shoulders back, among many of their
modern post-punk-electro-rock-whatever siblings. For a side-angled swipe at what
teenagersintokyo are capable of, ‘Black Bones’ and ‘Robocat’ should get you stroking your chin
in wonder.

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Lilly said...

Just found your blog when searching for Teenagers in Tokyo.
I've just started my blog and it's nice to read other people's who have similar interests to me! Keep it up!