Tuesday, 20 October 2009

It's time to Exchange

I dont go to Fulham, never have, have never had much reason to tbh. Today I was reading about a reason to pop on down. Ot's called The Exchange and is a new second hand dress shop from interior designer Birgit Israel, you take your clothes and they give you half the money.

Ok, so its not eBay and lets face it they are probably catering to people who have the odd couture number shoved in a dry cleaning bag in their walk in wardrobe rather than the likes of myself but the idea is a nice one.

According to Daily Candy:

Really groovy pieces only, please: big names like Prada, Anya Hindmarch and Vivienne Westwood go down a treat, but items by independent designers will do as well. A just-opened second location offers secondhand designer menswear, children’s wear alongside more frocks for the ladies, and a special vintage corner — authentic Chanel, Givenchy and YSL.

Yeah, you get the drift, Fulham is the new destination for window shopping...

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