Saturday, 7 November 2009

My Desk

You may be wondering why I took a snapshot of my desk yesterday, well it's because I have a shiny new filofax and I wanted to show the world.

If Filofaxes make you think of 80's power suits, then surely they make perfect sense as desk furniture and general life planning assistance for this season? This Winter Filofax have created the limited edition Beauty Giftbox which will set you back a measly £35 and features a unique perfume pen atomiser, a mirror and a voucher for a free beauty treatment worth up to £100. Ace make up artist Jemma Kidd has also included some top make up tips in with the Beauty Giftboxes.

Wondering what a perfume pen atomiser is? Its basically a pen, the top of which conceals a small perfume atomiser (like you get as testers) so that you can top up your Daisy by Marc Jacobs (just me?) throughout the day.

You can buy one here

I have the Snakeskin one, it also comes in Pink and Fresco oh and PS the Citizen K was for 'research' and totally not me slacking off

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Marta Represa said...

Just discovered your blog...It's so cool!