Sunday, 11 April 2010

Leah Weller weller oooh! (sorry)

I've been on my hols and have managed to read pretty much every magazine I could get my hands on whilst away. One observation? Paul Weller's daughter Leah Weller is EVERYWHERE, she looks great in InStyle and is in Vogue too. A beautiful new model, Leah is also in the new Interview magazine (Lara Stone cover -more about that later) she is pictured wearing Holly Fulton with boyfriend Tomo Kurata...

A new one to watch? Totes.


InStyle UK said...

Hiya, I work at Instyle and we love your leah weller post, we were wondering if it is possible for you to link back to us at Instyle website: ?

Many Thanks

loveyoumore said...

Consider it done x