Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Nailed it...

I'll be the first to say that generally, I have gross nails, gross in the way that the varnish is either chipped, or the nails are stained from lashings of Chanel varnish which has been left on for too long.

When an invite went round for a mani with Marian Newman,who is a world renowned nail artist...if you dont believe me check out the below biog, I simply could not turn it down.

Her session work is a major part of Marian’s life, having become the name that famous photographer Nick Knight calls upon to do his Dior, Lancome and Vogue shoots. Working closely with Sam McKnight, Val Garland and many others, Marian now commands an unrivalled position in her industry and is one of the few top nail practitioners whose work is seen in glossy magazines around the world virtually every week. She has worked with most of the legendary photographers, including Mario Testino, David Bailey and Patrick Demarchelier.

Some career highlights in this field are over 50 British Vogue covers to her name (plus many 100’s covers and editorial stories) and 10 years of working on every advertising campaign for Christian Dior. More recently, she created the nails on all the ‘Interlude’ films for Lady Gaga’s Monster Tour.

I went for Wildfire Shellac nails, which to you and me is red nail varnish that with the aid of Shellac technology remains on your nails for 2-3 weeks. Shellac is half nail varnish / half gel and unlike BioGel doesn't damage your nails underneath.

My friend Sam also had Minx nails - in fact she had a prototype design which is unable as yet.

Thanks Marian! My nail varnish remains unchipped for a 2nd day, its a miracle

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Taylor said...

i LOVE those! they look amazing, i want to get mine done too! well done.