Monday, 26 July 2010

Marks and WOWSERS

My sis just sent me a link to the Autumn Winter collection from Marks & Spencer with the subject 'Oh god', having squealed on opening the email, I came to two conclusions, one we're a pretty dramz pair and two the new collection from Marks & Spencer is stunning,

Shearling jacket? Check! Bit of goth? Totes! Leather military? Of course.

Having bought some Marni inspired shoes from M&S recently, no really, I for one cant wait to do a trolley dash. Check out the IStyle website for more details of stock dates and just for a good old perv.


Lucy said...

The brown leather handbag is amazing. And all those coloured tights with short skirts and leather. It almost makes you want the end of summer!

Christina Sanders said...

I was really impressed with this too! I featured a few of the same things on my blog. I love love love that shearling jacket! x

Camila F. said...

So pretty!

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

I was in there recently buying my regular pack of tights and I did observe how much they'd improved in there! Definitely one to watch x