Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Susie Bubble / Hogg-gate

Susie Bubble is the Queen of the fashion blogosphere, whether you like Style Bubble or not you cannot fail to recognise that this girl has done an amazing job at creating the best fashion blog on the web.

I was shocked to read that Pam Hogg's PR (her of legendary catsuit fame) demanded Susie to take down images of her wearing one of PH's catsuits because it was 'bad publicity' for the brand.

Susie looks amazing I hope Susie doesnt get too hurt about these desperately offensive comments.

Maybe its a case of genuine confusion...lets hope so. Dont be sad Susie!


PinkBow said...

i could not believe this... hogg should be flattered!

Anonymous said...

Hogg is batsh!t to think that of Susie. Susie and her blog are great as are you.

noa said...

That was a crazy story, really stupid of them
It's nice that you have this photo at your blog...