Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Glastonbury - the best outfits

Anyone who knows me will know that the reason for blog silence is because I have been working on the PR for Glastonbury, I got back yesterday a bit broken and battered. Hopefully normal service will resume now.

Here are some pictures of the best dressed girls in the Orange Chill 'n' Charge tent and VIP area:

Marina from Marina & the Diamonds

Lisa Mitchell

Gabriella Cilmi

Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine


Sarah said...

Did you get any pics of Valentine Fillol-Cordier (Big Pink)? Can't find any..

Taylor said...

oh i especially LOVE the second outfit! brits have such a unique and very british way of dressing.

MargieF said...

I love Florence a little bit more every time i see a pic of her...especially in awesome outfits like this:D

Christina Sanders said...

I really loved what Florence (from F & the machine) was wearing onstage. It was apparently coustom made by topshop unique - its alright for some!

Lots of love