Friday, 23 July 2010

The Guardian discuss comfy footwear

Today's Guardian investigates the new uber cool NYC trend...the comfy shoe. HOLD THE PHONE.

Shoe trends are predictable in their randomness. While the general tide of footwear fashion flows in one direction, there will always be one rebel shoe that heroically bucks the trend. It can be hard to predict what the style will be, but the unwritten rule is that it must be defiantly ugly and practical.

Right now, the Worishofer is that shoe. An orthopaedic demi-wedge with a cork sole born 70 years ago in the Bavarian spa town of Bad W├Ârishofen, it is currently enjoying popularity in the trendier enclaves of downtown Manhattan.

So are these about to take the baton from the UGG (gross) and the BIrkenstock (smelly) for the latest comfy IT shoe? I'd totally rock them.

The bad news? They arent available in the UK as yet, the good news? Chloe Sevigny and Maggie Gyllenhaal have worn them so there will be copies on the high street in...oh, a month?

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blogging is cheap said...

Maggie has such give-a-bleep style and she really carries them off. They're a bit too clompy chiro-chic for my liking, I'm in the Swedish Hasbeens camp myself.

I wonder when the trend for one built up shoe is going to come in?? C'mon Gaga, this one's got your name on it...