Thursday, 22 July 2010

I'm back!

Yep you heard, I lent my computer to a friend for three months but now its back! I did have a minor heart attack when it wouldnt switch on earlier but all's good in the hood.

It was my birthday on Monday and I was totally spoilt as usual (yesss), finally got my hands on - or got on my hand - a Dominic Jones ring, now I understand those programmes on Channel 5 about being in love with inanimate objects, probably not going to touch in inappropriately though. Its the one on the bottom fyi.

I also might have bought myself this delish Acne denim jacket from the sample sale a few weeks back SWOON

oh and some more Acne bits from the Libertys and Matches sales respectively, no wonder I'm broke

Like I said, inanimate object love

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