Thursday, 5 February 2009

Daisy Lowe for MJ

I, like the lovely Frankie of Swell Vintage, am also a bit obsessed with Daisy Lowe at the moment. So her Marc Jacobs Campaign pictures have gone down very well on this wintery morning. Originally posted on Catwalk Queen (sorry i keep biting your posts!) Of course the photos were done by Juergen Teller and it totally makes sense for Marc Jacobs to chose her as his new campaig girl as she has now decamped to NYC, has a less model more realistic figure and really shows off the clothes well.

There have been comments that this campaign is boring, but in my opinion she rocks the look, that underwear is screaming buy me, the red and white dress and (what seem to be) bloomers are ace. The only thing that looks kind of out of place are the sunnies.

I would love to know what you think but to me, its spot on advertising


Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Oh, I love thee! Could there be a better pairing than Marc Jacobs and Daisy?! Probably not. Great post, lovely x

Christina Sanders said...

I have such a girl-crush on Daisy Lowe. I was in the same room as her once an just could not stop staring at her, I even tried to take sneaky photos! x

Natty said...

I dont know - I find them pretty average myslef. I guess because its nothing really new?? I think Daisy also suits the all out sex kitten shoot, the Marc clothes here dont seem to suit her really.