Saturday, 21 February 2009

London Fashion Week - Topshop Unique

Any frequent readers of this blog will be aware of my slight obsession with Topshop Unique, weirdly I never seem to buy that much but always have it in mind when planning my outfits.

Topshop Unique unveiled their brand new collection for Autumn Winter 09/10 at London Fashion Week, HIlary Alexander described the collection with the below

Track-pants, sweat-tops, hoodies and all-in-ones were sequinned in futuristic, Day-Glo brights. Loose sweatshirts were printed with UFO’s or with scenes of flying saucers hovering over cityscapes.

The powerful, super-sporty silhouette was inspired by sci-fi movies and the space-age uniforms inevitably worn by the denizens of extraterrestrial craft, with figure-hugging dresses and tunics layered over leggings.

As a contrast, there were more tribal pieces, based upon nomadic communities, where shaggy and hairy-textured capes and anoraks were contrasted against the gloss and slick of Lycra and leather or layered over harem-style shell-suits.

So think punk/grunge for Autumn / Winter 09/10, in the front row were Pixie & Peaches, VV Brown (who I saw last night) and Daisy Lowe. La Roux's brand new single In For The Kill was the track that opened the show.

Get making your Lady Gaga style snood, shove some shoulder pads in your tops, get some bleach on your denim and buy a parka before they get really expensive.


Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

I can't wait to see more! x

Natty said...

I thought it was all very 90's techno raverish myself. I love the buge structured shoulder ufo dress though, fingers crossed it goes into production!

loveyoumore said...

I agree,personally I want to see the black skintight dress with pannelling