Wednesday, 25 February 2009

I heart Norwegian Wood

I went to the Independent Fashion Bloggers party at Shoreditch's Last Days of Decadence on Monday night, where I saw the lovely Laura from Pop Sugar and met Frankie from Swell Vintage. It was such a great idea to get bloggers together, I really think its something that should be done as much as possible, we clearly all have lots in common.

When we arrived there were a small handful of flyers to be collected on the door, one of which was for the fantastic etsy shop I heart Norwegian Wood. On the bus this morning I decided to check out the shop and lo and behold it is quite special. Hyped in the blogosphere by Susie Bubble and Queen Michelle from Kingdom of Style amongst others ILNW sells cage skirts, leggings, peplums and the gorgeous necklaces as displayed above, this is one etsy store you cannot miss. Prices are reasonable, which at the moment is a good thing!

You can visit the shop here and I strongly recommend you do, dont expect to leave empty handed though.

The photos from the bloggers party should be up on the ifb site soon so do click the link on my blog to their site and check them out.


Steve Price said...

It's like that shop was created jsut for you, judging by its collections and what I know of your dress-code - which I hope you are upholding in your new 'office'?!

p.s your audio verification for entering a comment is mental. have you ever heard it?

lauren said...

I concur! I have had one of her necklaces on my favorites for too long now, I should just buy the damn thing.

Christina Sanders said...

Wow, on your recomendation I checked out her etsy store. Her stuff is amazing! I love it.

Much love

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

It was so good to meet you, lovely. And I agree - I heart Norwegian Wood are bloody amazing x