Monday, 2 February 2009

Fascinate Me

You may have seen yesterday's Sunday Times Style magazine taking a good old look at the new trend in hair accessories - bows and veils. Last seen on the catwalk of Luella (above) and PPQ (below)

I've been having a search around the internet to find some of my favourite hair accessories, so here goes

Etsy shop holders Portobello are stocking this amazing cream fascinator, made with emu plumes (hmm not sure about that), silk roses and russian veiling. It costs $159 so is not cheap and does look quite bridal. The shop is really good for hair accessories, i'll be going back

Pixie Market are selling this Chapeau Claudette for $45 - when I looked into this further, turns out you can also get CC (a UK brand on Asos)

I love this 'Minnie Red' fascinator from Dollabella on Etsy

As well as this Everyday Fancy bow fascinator also from Etsy

So it does seem like their are lots out there without having to go down the normal Topshop route, all of which, I highly recommend


Ms M said...

I WANT ONE! I think thats all i have to say...

love love love the blog, and not to sound like a completly nerdy idiot, you work in fashion journalism yesh? if so, i would love some information!

ahah, and if not, then yeah i apoligise for being a moron! tehee


Christina Sanders said...

Hair bows and netting are such easy DIY, that I find it hard to spend that kind of money. All of that stuff is so cheap in fabric shops.
I am going to go to fabric-land this week and stock up on hair acsessories.

Didn't know there was a Sunday Times Fashion Special, agh, annoyed that I missed it!

Lots of love Christina

loveyoumore said...

I know what you mean Christina, made one myself many moons ago but never dared to wear it out - now, I might.

Ms M, thanks for your comment, sadly I dont work in fashion xx

Sarah said...

I just love the way that hairpieces/fascinators allow me to wear yet more accessories! Personally, I've always loved the mini-top hat perched to the side of my head, but the Minnie fascinator from etsy is properly amazing! xx