Friday, 7 August 2009

Florence and the Machine - Drumming Song

The video for Florence's new track 'Drumming Song' is bur-illiant, you heard it here first. Ok, so that's technically a lie as Dazed Digital did a rather splendid interview with Hannah Marshall and Aldene Johnson who designed the garb and styled respectively for the vid.

I love a choreographed dance routine so this is ticking all of my boxes.

Here is a quote from Aldene about the styling behind the video:

Aldene Johnson: The brief was good versus evil, which is always a lot fun. The words disco gargoyle were bandied around a lot too! My job has always been developing Florence's style so I took what she had already and showed her how much further she could take it with some killer Raphael Young and Charlotte Olympia heels, a great Hannah Marshall dress or seven and some Dominic Jones claws.

Can you style me please Aldene!?

The mask is Manish Arora. I always wanted to be a Top of the Pops dancer so I could get down to choroegraphed shiz, maybe I'll just settle for being Florence instead?

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Beth said...

Haha I didnt see the Dazed Digital interview so I did hear it here first!
Great video and I love love love her hair.