Monday, 3 August 2009

The Uniform Project

If you read about this in The Guardian this morning then apologies, I felt compelled to blog about it due to the fact its such a great idea and it's also raising money for a deserved cause.

One lady has vowed to wear the same dress (she has several identical versions) for a whole year as 'an exercise in sustainable fashion'. Each day she will accesorise the dress with layers, hosiery, jewellery and accessories to make it as different from the previous days outfits as possible. This is a fundraising project for the Akanksha Foundation, which funds uniform and educational expenses for slum kids in India.

The dress itself is designed by Eliza Starbuck to be worn all year round - it can be worn both ways (front and back) and can be worn open like a cardigan, accessories are bought from eBay and Etsy but you can also donate accessories, which is a great idea.

You can see the daily looks here so far the uniform project has raised over $7,000, lets help her raise more

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Beth said...

Oooh yes I read this in the G2 and had forgotten how I wanted to check her blog out.
Thanks for reminding me!
It is such a great idea and even better that it is for a good cause.