Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Gross or amazing?

My bf says gross but I say amazing:

New in at Topshop - to be fair they do look a bit cheap

The Topshop cage skirt - Susie Bubble's campaign for the cage skirt has spread as far as Toppers, brilliant! I wouldn't wear it though.

Pixie Market - bleach jersey drop crotch pants

Gold by Giles studded bag...this will be mine!


Tariro said...

Those shoes are cool! And the skirt is too

Christina Sanders said...

I love that Giles bag! Is is in stores now? x

Helenrollerskates said...

boots = GROSS
Skirt = not on me neiths
Dropcrotchtrousers = take your nappy off

loveyoumore said...

I love that you have strong opinions on this ladies, need that New Look bag, it is online now xx

Anonymous said...

Love this bag, just ordered it online, THANKS!