Friday, 21 August 2009

Hand washing : (

Hands up if you think handwashing is dull - hand washing your clothes I mean, rather than your actual hands, which, while it may be dull is pretty essential. I find it tiresome to say the least, and very often leave handwash items at the bottom of the washing basket hoping that the hand wash fairy will magic a clean version back into my wardrobe.

It seems like I'm leading to a 'well, be bored no more, because I have found a way to stop you having to do it once and for all' - but I haven't I'm afraid. Unless, my advice of 'hire someone to do it for you' counts. It struck me today that I don't really know what the benefit of handwashing is really, apart from potentially stopping your bra wire ending up looking like a soundwave.

I get that bras should be hand washed but really, who can be bothered? Not me, I shove the Rigby and Peller's in the wash (in your head imagine I said Agent Provocateurs).

But, did you know that Barbour / other manufacturers padded jackets have to be hand washed? Having recently returned from my parents house laden with bags of country wear - it's fashionable stuff, trust me - I have had to wise up to this pretty sharpish. Having squeezed my padded jacket out once and seen the brown water gurgling down the sink - gross but it has been outside - I came to thinking about how the hell I was supposed to get round to cleaning my new Wax jackets.

I've trawled the net to varying success (nil to the knee jerk 'send it to Barbour') but I just don't know how I get the mouldy bits looking less mouldy and the inside less like its been down a pit for 20 years. So, if you have any advice in regards to how I can clean up those old waxy bastards, will you let me know? Otherwise they will stay in a bag in my living room forever more.

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