Sunday, 10 January 2010


Regular readers will know that I love nothing more than a nice Sunday read of Sunday Times Style, today Natalie Hartley - who does a page every week on how to wear certain things (today is metallic) is wearing some gems as usual. One of the items credited on the page is a rather beautiful blue and gold cardigan from Awear.

Online fashion retailer Awear seems to be cropping up in lots of magazines at the moment so I decided to check it out....and now I am obsessed, here are some of my favourite bits...

PVC Cream two tone bag - £16

Scoop Neck Ditzy Print Blouse - £20

Stripe Cardigan with Gold Buttons - £20

Oversize Rose Print Tulip Skirt £25

If anyone has every bought from Awear I am really interested to hear about the garment quality, failing that I might have to make a purchase myself, what a shame!

Zip HEadband - £8 (WANT)


Sarah K said...

I'm from and live in Dublin, Ireland. A-Wear has been Ireland's best kept secret for a long time now and they have only recently gone on line. I still own pieces that I bought in Awear over 5 years ago! One is a jersey print wrap dress that cost me only 10 euro at the time and still fits me perfectly. Their clothes are good quality, well made and amazing value for money. Their clothes and sizing are also more flattering to the average Irish girl's figure...something I feel say Topshop has been overlooking with recent collections. I hope this advice helps. Enjoy your purchases!


Adelaide said...

Love that hairband. I would love to plan a shopping trip in Ireland. I'm stuck hunting online. Nice blog btw.