Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Pixie Market

I know I often update you all about my love for Pixie Market, well, I'm only going to do it again - please turn away if you don't like gratuitous PM praise.

The mailout never fails to catch my eye, today they have led with the 'Chunky Hoodie Knit', however, after my splurge in the Carin Wester online store I can't really justify buying yet another chunky knit - sad but true!

Lots of the clothes in the Pixie Market online store sells out pretty quickly, one garment that is yet to sell out (watch this space) is the Elohim by Sabrina Goh Zipper Knee Pants, which look fabulous and are made from stretch jersey.

Its the styling on Pixie Market which really makes the clothes stand out, very New York - the store is on Stanton Street in NYC - the girl are impeccably accessorised, styled and coiffed.

There we go, no more PM for a while, I promise.

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