Monday, 4 January 2010

The papers predict the trends

Evening Standard's Predictions:

Underwear as Outerwear
DIY Fashion
Men In Women's Clothes
Socks On Show
Indoor Leathers
Nostalgic Bling

Well yes, we hear you Evening Standard, underwear as outerwear has been rocking it for a while, from Lily Allen and all with their stockings on show and 50s style corset tops from What Katie Did have also been prominent for the past few months.

As for Men In Women's Clothes, has been spotting some Japanese chaps in dresses last Autumn, as for Socks On Show, I love this one but more on boys than girls. Indoor leathers - apparently Phoebe Phile has designed a sexy black leather t shirt, WANT. Nostalgic bling? Glad I got my Moschino from eBay early.

The Independent do 'the freshest look for the new season'

Underwear as outerwear (natch)
Candy colours
Sports luxe

I love a good floral especially printed on denim a la New Look SS10, candy colours and frills are not very me but I did see a lot of them at the Miss Selfridge press day - reminiscent of Florence when she does her fairy tale look. Sports luxe is good for the super skinny but one I'll be avoiding.


Cherry Pullinger said...

Papers tend to be a bit behind in my opinion

Philadelphia personal injury attorney said...

Definitely doing the underwear as outerwear. Taken advantage of it as much as I can.