Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Fashion Week Fatalities

(Picture from Dirty Dirty Dancing, this isnt me, this is someone I have spied on the site)

Fashion Week turns me into a voyeur, a scopophile, I turn from an observer of fashion and those who dress well to a manic staring crazy person.

First thing i do in the morning is go to Dirty Dirty Dancing and check out who has been going to the fashion parties and what they are wearing, then I think about how maybe I should not eat today and perhaps have a facial or just a face transplant, one of them.

Next thing, I pop out to lunch and try on Richard Nicoll for Topshop dresses (maybe Marios Schwab, thats a whole new story) and see someone in the best outfit ever so mentally note in my head how to copy it - she had the Topshop leather skirt that sold out as soon as it hit the rails so make a mental note to find one like it in a charity shop - remind myself to stop staring as I am possibly freaking her out a bit.

Then, go home, have some wine and go to Durrr, lots of people are having their picture taken and are adorned with fashion week wristbands, drop my plastic cup on to the floor so I don't decide to use it as an instrument of self harm. Go home, remind myself I have to work pretty hard tomorrow...refrain from being mean to my bf as it's not his fault LFW makes me mental.

Everyday goes a bit like that, I love staring a people, tonight I am going to a non-fashion-week-fashion-show that I am not sure why I got invited to so will probably end up being turned away from.

Repeat, refresh, repeat, sleep, repeat.

Passion for fashion much? Bonkers? Plenty

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