Friday, 14 March 2008

Eley Kishimoto friends & family evening

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Eley Kishimoto friends and family evening, thanks to the lovely Chloe. Having previously ordered some of the SS08 collection back in September it was finally time to pick it up and have a rummage around looking for some extra bits too.

My friend Katie and I wandered into the Brixton studio, not really knowing what to expect and found the most relaxed room full of lovely people.

So what did I buy? Below you can see that I have made a small collage of my purchases, missing out some ace socks that I bought for my boyfriend.

From l-r:
Black and white flash converse - I could not find a piccy of these on the internet anywhere but now I have some, so comfortable, I sense these are a pair of trainers I might be living in at the weekends.
Turquoise print shirt - I am wearing it today hence the shot of it being worn, lovely detailling on this, including belt loops that you can unbutton and move to a higher button to get a different and more runched effect. The print is simply to dye for (couldn't resist).
Woodland print bag - great tan leather straps on what my bf described as his favourite bag from my collection...crikey.
Finally, such a bad photo of the dress of amazingness - look at that print, rarrrr. I will put another shot up when I have it on!

I was given a guided tour of the studio, a real eye opening experience for someone whose knowledge of printing/design isv limited.

Highlight of the night - seeing a small child running around in an even smaller pair of black and white flash Converse.

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Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure meeting you, thank you for your nice words.

Enjoy your bits and pieces.