Sunday, 23 March 2008

Headband city

Still addicted to Gossip GIrl ps...

Blair's headbands are going to be setting a trend in the next coming weeks and I for one have been getting on board early, so excited when my friend brought me a Marc Jacobs headband from LA, it doesn't hurt and looks ace. I suggest you invest

Check out the rather fetching promo shot below:


Anonymous said...

I am a total headband believer! It's the only hair trend that has ever worked for me. I found an awesome site,, which has a beautiful selection of headband styles as well as other hair ornaments in exotic, unique trims.
Not only are they gorgeous on; they are also comfortable!

Sofie said...

@ anonymous:
i absolutely like the headbands from
i'm from germany and i'm sure before i leave america i will buy some more for my sister and my cousin, too.
thank you so much!