Sunday, 23 March 2008

the results

Power plate was great, basically you are given set exercises to do, each only lasting one minute - when your doing some of them a minute really seems like a lifetime.

Your 'workout' lasts £25 minutes - and it doesn't come cheap as you end up paying a pound per minute for your session. However, a 25 minute workout is equivalent to an hour and a half in the gym and according to our trainer here are some of the benefits:

Your stomach happens first - within two sessions, according to weight fitness etc you are supposed to find that your tummy muscles feel tighter and look it too.

Within four weeks you can drop a dress size - that's if you are doing 2-3 sessions a week.

It massages your cellulite, encouraging it to breakdown

You don't sweat so you can go in your lunchbreak, whip you shoes off and do your workout, returning to work energised and exercised.

So that all sounds pretty good and now I am saving to do it for a month in May before attending a wedding with a terrifying post wedding pool party brunch. However, i cant help feeling that once ive done a course I will either get addicted or be persuaded that one course isn't enough, hmm.

Another thing I am doing is consulting the Vogue Body & Beauty Book which has been an ornament in my front room for far too long, some of the advice is a bit archaic (it was written in the 1970's) and the stretches are killer...

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