Saturday, 17 May 2008

Back to Black

I'm having a bit of a break from Brighton fun - the boy is watching the football and I have no idea who is playing.

Mira from Ladytron is one of my most favourite people in the world, she oozes style and sex appeal dressed in her usual military black outfits. The band have a new album out at the moment, however, this has not prompted me to write this post, oh no, instead it was prompted by a rather lo res email I received from PartyNoire.comthe website for Romanian born designer Alina Cosma, I got invited to have a sneak preview of the site before it goes up for all to see.

Alina was a finalist in Fashion156 &'s Fashion star competition to find a brand new womenswear designer to feature on Fashion156 and be sold on, of Cosma they say:

"We loved her 'Darkshines' dress for its military-gone-futuristic bent and the on-trend zip fastenings."

I had a look and chose my favourites from her debut capsule collection 'DEBUT. Talking Dresses' and to me they screamed Ladytron and made me think of the lovely Mira.

Cosma's designs are adorned with zip details and sharp angles,her dresses are structured yet pretty cool, take a look and see what you think...

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