Saturday, 17 May 2008

Last night's party, and the night before's and tonight's

Oh dear, its all getting rather hectic in NLYM's social calendar and this weekend is one fueled by energy drinks, crisps, vodka and some dancing - oh yes and some work too somewhere down the line.

Stag & Dagger festival on Thursday night was great fun, we caught Tubelord (awful name but good), Natty - I don't like Reggae, I hate it. Shame that the queue was so huge to see Diplo that we didn't even attempt to get into the Hoxton Bar & Grill venue so after a bit of drinking in the street we headed on down to Cargo to check out A-Trak.

For the uninitiated A-Trak describes himself like this:

When I was 13 I took my bar mitzvah money and bought myself some turntables and a mixer. I practiced for about 18 hours a day. Then I came out of my basement, packed my lunch and won a bunch of world championships. Joy! I formed a DJ crew called the Allies with Craze and friends. We toured the world for a while... I guess I've been touring for the last 11 years. Time flies.

2 hours of dancing later and then a bit more to Bang Gang DJs then its home time with the boy.

Next morning we head to Brighton for The Great Escape Festival to check out some more bands including the fantastic French DJ duo The Shoes, you may have heard the remix they did for Wiley's Rolex - it was tops of all the blogs.

Remember how excited you were when you first saw Justice? Get ready for that feeling to return when you see The Shoes, they even had a 7pm Barfly crowd dancing.

Now? Now we're off to see Dead Kids play a secret show, more later ...

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