Thursday, 22 May 2008

Tim Walker - my hero

"I am very childlike in my feelings about things, and the way I look at the world" (Tim Walker)

English Vogue did me proud this month by introducing me to a photographer that I had never heard of and yet has instantly become my favourite. Tim Walker is renowned for making his photos look like they have come straight out of a fairy tale and make you wish that when you went to the theatre the stage designers could re-create something this beautiful so for that short period of time you can be lost in your own paradise.

Tim currently has an exhibition at The Design Museum, which I hope to check out this weekend, here is an extract about Tim Walker straight from the press release:

London based photographer Tim Walker has established himself at the cutting
edge of fashion photography. His images capture a sublime moment in time,
evoking a sense of epic drama and beauty. Stunning sets and lavish locations
juxtapose the everyday with the absurd and the fabulous, to create captivating,
original photographs. Tim’s evocative images are full of textured nuance and
intriguing detail. His innovative photography is amongst the most imaginative and
exuberant being produced today.

According to Vogue, Tim lives in Shoreditch, I am quite tempted to find him (not in a scary way) as his flat looks beautiful

Vogue say 'His is an Englishness of "bus stops, Exeter St Davids, Victoria Wood as the lard covered Channel-crossing swimmer, a friend who refers to him as 'Poppet', Little Chef roadside restaurants, kindness, Marmite and Mandy Rice Davies"

And for that, I love him even more.

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jo said...

those colours are so soft but so vibrant! great pics.