Sunday, 25 May 2008

Sample saled out

I have been to two sample sales in the last week, the designer shoe sample sale in Central London on Thursday and the Comme Des Garcons sale in Victoria today so thought I would tell you about them.

There is a real knack to doing the sample sales and it mainly involves getting there before the doors open and queuing behind other keen bargain hunters before racing in and snatching anything that catches your eye. I never said it was an exact science did I?

The designer shoe sample sale was a bit disappointing as I had to go in my lunchbreak and by that time the best things were sold out. There was the occasional pair of Gucci / Marc Jacobs 'teeterers' but not enough to shout about, lots of Ash shoes there and some particularly lovely gladiator sandals but I was not prepared to spend the £100 minimum on a card so came away empty handed.

Today, I wasn't really sure what to expect from the Comme Des Garcons sale in Victoria and arrived not armed with a huge amount if cash - as usual. The sale was held in an auction house so you could have a good old rummage there was lots of of the wall CDG designs which aren't really me. However, there were other brands on sale too, with 70% off CDG and 40% off the rest (I think I got that right, hmm). I did fall in love with the above Blue Suede Pierre Hardy shoes - down from £500 to £180, alas, it was still too much so I picked up a Fred Perry CDG sweater for the boy and exited.


Anonymous said...

How do you find out about these sample sales? Is there a specific site you use?

loveyoumore said...

I found about this one from and lots on Urban Junkies which is a London centric mail out x

roisin said...

hey, love your blog willo def start linking to it. If you ever want to check out my website please do at
i aim to have more sample sales and fashion events (even sometimes the ones that are not open to the public) then stylebible etc and am totally free. I just do it because i love it.
Feedback always good.


loveyoumore said...

Thanks Roisin! I have checked it out, just come back from the Luella sample sale today, will be putting a post up later x