Sunday, 31 August 2008

I won't take no for an answer, I was born to be your dancer

I'm a sucker for a female vocal, so when I saw Thomas Tantrum at Offset Festival over the weekend, I fell in love a bit. They have a song called Shake It Shake It, which is very reminscent of Life Without Buildings (one of the best bands in the world) and has a chorus which goes as follows

GIrl:I want to talk
Girl:I want to talk though,
Girl: But I want to talk though, I wanna talk

As a serial chatterbox I can connect with that particular ditty (and I expect my boyfriend can too!)

Thomas Tantrum are made up of:

Miss Megan Thomas: Vox + Guitar
Mr Ken Robshaw: Drum Kit + B.V's
Mr David Miatt: Guitar + B.V's
Mr Jim Shivers : Bass + B.Vs

This is the video for PSHANDY, it looks like it cost about 25p which makes the band even more endearing, their album is out on Monday and you know what, I'm going to buy it on the day it comes out!

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